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Lisa Fischer, Backup Singer for Rolling Stones Since ’89, Steps Out Front with New Band in One-Night Only Event

Lisa Fischer Photo credit: Lisa Fischer
Lisa Fischer, Photo credit: Lisa Fischer

*The name Lisa Fischer may not be immediately recognizable. But the black rockers out there will certainly raise a brow.

After all, you’ve been hearing her vocals as a backup singer with the legendary Rolling Stones since 1989.

Fischer was also one of the stars in the Academy Award-winning documentary, “20 Feet from Stardom,” a film that features background singers (and the legendary headliners they support) sharing their feelings about being ‘unsung’ and the many highways they travel on their road to recognition.

Now, fresh off The Stones’ “Zip Code Tour,” Fischer has wasted no time gathering her own musicians and stepping out front with the trio, Grand Baton. The band makes its debut this Friday (10-02-15) at the Valley Performing Arts Center in Northridge, CA.

With Grand Baton, a trio that weaves threads of arena rock, smooth jazz, carnival music, raga, African drumming, pop and alternative metal into a moody tapestry, Fischer sings everything from standards such as “I Loves You, Porgy” and “Fever”; to rock classics like “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”; along with rootsy works by Railroad Earth and Amy Grant.

She also performs originals such as her Grammy-winning record “How Can I Ease the Pain.”

The vocal phenomenon has shared the stage and studio with the likes of Tina Turner, Beyonce, Bobby McFerrin, Alicia Keyes, John Scofield, George Benson, and hundreds of others.

The debut of Grand Baton on October 2nd will mark Fischer’s first headlining tour since the film walked away with the Oscar in 2014.

Fischer’s in-demand talent in the music industry stems from her impeccable timing, intonation, dazzling range, and emotional commitment. And the tour is an exploration of uncharted territory through R&B and jazz.

Busy circling the country, Electronic Urban Report got to ask Lisa Fischer a few questions via email.

Below she tells us how grateful she was to be in the documentary, “20 Feet From Stardom” (we had actually asked if, as a former background singer, she really does feel as if she is 20 feet from stardom but…).

Lisa Fischer: “The film was an unexpected gift from heaven that has allowed me to be able to perform with an amazing group of musicians,” she responds. “JC Maillard, Aidan Carroll and Thierry Arpino collectively known as Grand Baton and I are currently touring and having the most amazing time where the music is the star.”

EUR: Describe what being onstage with the The Stones as a backup singer felt like.

LF:  I liken it to being a small piece of patchwork of an amazing quilt that turns into a magic carpet.

EUR: How did you hook up with the Rolling Stones?

LF: I met Mick at an audition for his solo tour and that led to touring with the Stones.

EUR: Describe Mick Jagger’s work ethic.

LF: He is brilliant, organized, focused and his energy is so alive when he’s doing what he loves. He’s a deep inspiration.

EUR: Name two of your favorite Rolling Stones songs.

LF: “As Tears Go By” and “Out of Control”

EUR: Grand Baton: What an incredible collective of music genres and styles the group performs. Is there a “favorite” musical style you prefer?

LF: Not really. It’s all according to mood and purpose for me. I love so many different styles. It’s like shoe shopping. Can’t get enough.

EUR: Your current tour is your first as a headliner. Describe some of the challenges this presents versus working as a background singer and is there one you prefer (background or headliner) above the other.

LF: I love both, though being out front is an adjustment. Luckily I have the music and the musicians to support me through any challenging moments. When we make music in either setting, it’s like a prayer being answered.

“Lisa Fischer’s versatility is unequaled,” said Valley Performing Arts Center’s Executive Director Thor Steingraber.  “I’ve seen her in a small underground club in New York City, and I’ve seen her in an outdoor amphitheater.  In any setting, Lisa’s voice transcends, morphing from style to style effortlessly.  At VPAC’s Grand Hall, the full range of her vocal power will be on display, and yet, the venue’s pristine acoustics promise an intimate setting to experience Lisa’s talents.”

The ONE-NIGHT- ONLY performance takes place on Friday, October 2, at 8 p.m. at the Valley Performing Arts Center, 18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA 91330.

Ticket Prices range from $30 – $75 and can be purchased in person at VPAC Ticket Office, located in the VPAC Courtyard, by Phone at (818) 677-3000 or online.

For more information visit: ValleyPerformingArtsCenter.org

Listen to Lisa Fischer’s amazing voice as she performs with Grand Baton in the video below.

source: Tim Choy, Niki Blumberg, Davidson & Choy Publicity





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