Thursday, January 27, 2022

Meet Future Hollywood Star Damarr Calhoun

damarr calhoun

*Damarr Calhoun is quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s busiest young actors. Get to know a little more about this on-the-rise acting dynamo:

Damarr Calhoun may be known to some as the kid brother of actress Jayla Calhoun (“Family Time”), but he’s quickly establishing his own powerful personality (and growing fan base) as a multi-faceted comedic actor. Since 2013, he has played Aaron Phillips, younger brother to Gabby (Sydney Park) and James (Tylen Jacob Williams) and son of Stephanie and Charlie Phillips (Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Michael Boatman) on the popular TV Land sitcom “Instant Mom.”

“The show is really fun and we all get along very well and spend a lot of time laughing even during rehearsal,” says Damarr. “I portray Aaron as this nice kid who looks up to his older brother. He’s a follower and because of that always gets twisted up in something crazy. It’s always some sort of adventure! Besides never knowing what my character will do next, I love the fact that Aaron can do things I can’t in real life, like eating ten popsicles and being able to act a certain way around people and say things I would never say in real life. Sometimes Aaron comes up with the most random funny lines that I would never think to say – so it’s like I can get away with a lot through the character. I like to think I’m pretty funny, but I can come out of my shell more as Aaron.”

A Detroit native whose dad was in the military, Damarr, like his sister, lived in many different places. He learned quickly to adapt to unique environments and be ready for unexpected adventures. He caught the acting bug even before his family relocated to Los Angeles and once he had moved, he quickly began booking commercials for Chevy, Little Debbie, Mattel, Pillsbury, Church’s Chicken and AARP. Before being cast on “Instant Mom,” he appeared on the hit ABC show Scandal and was seen in a webisode of “Breaking Minds.”

Damarr’s other credits include the title role in the short film “Mustache Dude!” and an appearance on the Nickelodeon series “Bella and the Bulldogs.” Damarr has also been on the TV Series documentary Teens Wanna Know, the TeenNick Halo Awards and the 82nd Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade.

Partnering with his mom, sister Jayla and his older brother Delano, Damarr was recently part of the launch of a unique entrepreneurial venture called Boss Crew Kids. Through its website, Boss Crew Kids will sell T-shirts, hats, backpacks and other specialty items designed by the Calhouns with the unique Boss Crew Kids logo on them. Some of the proceeds will go toward several non-profit organizations – including the Calhoun siblings’ own non-profit Young Hustle Hearts, a community outreach which gives back to help the homeless and less fortunate people living on skid row.

“I love everything about this, from designing the logo to having the opportunity to give back to everybody,” he says.

Among Damarr’s goals is to continue as a comedic actor and eventually emerge as a comedian working on shows on Comedy Central. Observing the crew working on the set of Instant Mom has also kindled his desire to someday produce and direct. When he’s not working, he enjoys playing video games, playing soccer and basketball, listening to music, riding his bike, bowling, swimming and “sometimes just chillin’ around the house.”



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