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‘General Hospital’ Star Rips Viola Davis’ Emmy Speech: ‘She Has Never Been Discriminated Against’

Nancy Lee Grahn
General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn

*Nancy Lee Grahn, better known as Alexis Cassadine on “General Hospital,” did not appreciate Viola Davis’ acceptance speech at the Emmy Awards and fired off a series of tweets attacking the star for choosing the moment to highligh the plight of black women in Hollywood. Grahn even belittled Viola’s Harriet Tubman quote.

Needless to say, she has been shredded by Black Twitter.

Actress Viola Davis (C) accepts Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series award for 'How to Get Away with Murder' from actor Adrien Brody (L) onstage during the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 20, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.
Actress Viola Davis (C) accepts Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series award for ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ from actor Adrien Brody (L) onstage during the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 20, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

After winning for best actress in a drama series, the “How to Get Away With Murder” star opened her speech with a Harriet Tubman quote:

In my mind, I see a line. And over that line, I see green fields and lovely flowers and beautiful white women with their arms stretched out to me over that line, but I can’t seem to get there no-how. I can’t seem to get over that line.

Davis went on to say, “The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is simply opportunity. You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there. …So here’s to all the writers, the awesome people — people who have redefined what it means to be beautiful, to be sexy, to be a leading woman, to be black.”

After the speech, Grahn vented via Twitter: “I wish I loved #ViolaDavis Speech, but I thought she should have let @shondarhimes write it.”

Grahn continued: “Im a f**king actress for 40 yrs. None of us get respect or opportunity we deserve. Emmys not venue 4 racial opportunity. ALL women belittled.”

The soap star even railed against Viola’s Harriet Tubman mention, tweeting: “i heard harriet Tubman and I thought Its a f**king emmy for gods sake. She wasnt digging thru a tunnel.”

Grahn deleted most of the tweets, but not before BuzzFeed captured and posted them. The outlet pointed out Grahn’s hypocrisy in tweeting praise for white actress Patricia Arquette when she used her Emmy acceptance speech to highlight the plight of women in Hollywood, while disparaging Davis for doing the same regarding black women.

Once the Internet convened to set her straight, Grahn tried to moonwalk back her comments – only making things worse.

She suggested that Davis hasn’t experienced discrimination in Hollywood. “I think she’s the bees knees but she’s elite of TV performers,” she tweeted to a fan. “Brilliant as she is. She has never been discriminated against.”

Amidst even more backlash, Grahn began a series of apologies.

“I never mean to diminish her accomplishment. I wish I could get her roles. She is a goddess. I want equality 4 ALL women, not just actors,” she wrote. “I apologize 2 anyone who I offended. I’m women advocate since I became one. After reading responses, I hear u and my tweet was badly phrased.”

She followed up with a lengthier apology.

“I apologize for my earlier tweets and now realize I need to check my own privilege,” Grahn wrote. “My intention was not to take this historic and important moment from Viola Davis or other women of color but I realize that my intention doesn’t matter here because that is what I ended up doing. I learned a lot tonight and I admit that there are still some things I don’t understand but I am trying to and will let this be a learning experience for me.”

But it was too little, too late. Below, a sampling of how Twitter sliced and diced this woman:



  1. Why the hell is she apologizing? She said what she meant and she meant what she said. Own it Nancy Whoever-You-Are and stop groveling. Btw. Viola Davis is one of the greatest actors in the world, of any race. She deserves that award and much more. It’s about time.

  2. Nancy Lee Grahn is privileged so she hardly knows the plight of the Black woman and that the opportunity for Black actresses is not always available.

    Of course, men are paid more than women are but the Black woman is paid less than White women [are]. Alternatively, Viola Davis is the first Black woman to win an Emmy for the best actress in a drama, so of course she would deliver a speech that speaks of an opportunity to receive recognition for her hard work.

    Congratulations to Ms. Davis! She deserves it and MUCH more!

  3. There are a lot of yt women who think just like that actress, famous or not. Black women are only ‘women’ when it furthers their agenda and they are the ones doing the leading and defining of womanhood. Same old story, just a different day. Congrats to Viola.

  4. Umm I’m sorry (not really!) but someone please remind me of….”HTF would this Becky “know” WTF VD has been through???!!! See?, this is JUSt like a weakass jelly racist, to attempt to tell YO ass “ABOUT”….yo OWN ass!!! As IF you neeeed “dey” ass or somehow have “forgotten”!!, what “they” have remembered happened to YO ass!!??? Wooooooooow,! Ooooooh what “niggery” this weak jelly threatened White bytch brings. “BYTch?…STFUuuuuuup!!!

  5. miss viola hold your head high and just ignore the rudeness of this white actress. You don’t let no one still you blessings. If I were a fan of general hospital I would stop watching it after that stupid comment

  6. Congratulations to Viola Davis you deserve the win, Boo to you nancy grahn, your an idiot.
    How would you know the plight of a black actress in Hollywood? you not black. Typical white folks ignorance. I was at a local supply store this weekend and I had a problem with an order I was there waiting about 30 or 40 minutes. so this white guy proceeds to call another employee over to wait on him because he waited 12 minutes, I held my cool and told the employee she was doing a good job being that she was answering phones, paging other employees and checking out customers. If I could patiently wait almost an hour that jackass could wait 12 minutes without it killing him.

  7. I will never argue the point that black actors and actresses have and still are not getting the parts in movies and television they deserve. The playing field needs to be leveled and more parts written for African Americans. However, if they want white America to stop viewing them as being “different” maybe for once they could stop reminding the white community that they’re black at every turn. We are all moving forward-slowly, but we’re moving forward. We have a long way to go to get to the point where we look at each other as being just people and not defined by our color creed or race.

    • The issue is not reminding white people that they are black, the issue is that whites like to continually reminded us that we are still second-class citizens. Black people didn’t create the ideas of european hegemony and supremacy. As long as blacks have been in America, there should not have been a ‘first black’ this or that. It is not black people’s job to make yt feel comfortable. The Jews don’t do it; the Latin community isn’t nor is the gay community either. In order to move forward, perhaps the issue should be appreciating and respecting one’s differences instead of just ‘tolerating’ people.

    • I guess beyond the fact that she posted repeatedly about this, and THEN redacted with a lukewarm apology that abdicated all responsibility for her prior comments, WHO IN THE HELL IS THIS HEFFA? DON’T NOBODY KNOW YOU!! WE DON’T FUX WITCHU!!!!

    • Marie,
      Perhaps when there is proven equality for all, Blacks will stop making such a big deal about our Blackness and the hard road we have had to travel and the ongoing and continued hindrances we are forced to face.
      Perhaps when that playing field is leveled and there are more opportunities then we will stop making such a big deal of what it is like to play in a different field.
      Blacks are not reminding Whites that we are Black but are reminding ourselves of what it took to achieve such hard-earned successes. Additionally, it is a reminder to other Blacks that although the road is hard and long, that with perseverance they can achieve it too – no matter the obstacles.
      Although the change has to start somewhere, as you said, “we have a long way to go”.

    • Well….I know what you mean?, but…I believe you can ONLY when/if….THE “STUPID ARE COUNTERED, CHALLENGED & HELD ACCOUNTABLE “FOR” their stupidity!! The prollum eeah?, NO ONE “IS” CHALLENGING THESE RACiST!!! And so, like when any “other” habit or snowball” is allowed to continue/roll…the issue/problem becomes larger. Nowadays?, these bigots feel “emboldened & supported”!!!, b/c the preceding offenders of racist behavior are basically being..”REWARDED”!!!, for being racist. Ex…Police are given “leave WITH pay” for “KILLING INNOCENT BLACK PEOPLE”!! i.e…”VACAY PAY”!!? Basically….every since Joe Wilson disrespectfully yelled out & called POTUS “liar” in that assembly?, the shyt has been UN checked & allowed! And so, when everyone “saw” that NOTHING!! was happening to these racists, even when they dissed THE POTUS??!!, is has been an exercise in MALhuman behavior. And so this bytch/YT felt/feels “COMFORTABLE”!!!, being/saying/DOing this racist shyt, b/c the know NOthing’s gonna happen TO them!! Just goes to show, that no matter HOW blatantly wrong, evil or morally egregious, these so called “adult Chriiiiiiistiiiiiiiians”, will reveal their immature narcissistic BS, & act out like the threatened children they have always been…inside. Much like that mob in the movie “Rosewood”, they KNEW they were wrong?, but just didn’t GAD about ..”who” they were being wrong “TO”!! So you see, it’s more of an “evil/consciously wrong” thang vs….stupid. And “We” (good people of EVERY hue!) just have to care more about “right” than “they” do! “BOOM”! ?


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