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Look! ‘Family Time’ Cast Celebrate Season 3 (EUR Exclusive)

Stars of Bounce TV original hit series Family Time celebrate end of production on season three – (l to r) Bentley Kyle, Jr., Jayla Calhoun, Omar Gooding and Angell Conwell

 *“#Family Time” chronicles the lives of the Stallworth family, guided by Tony (Omar Gooding), a struggling general contractor, and Lisa (Angell Conwell), an unfulfilled stay-at-home mom.

Produced by Bentley Kyle Evans and Trenten Gumbs, the show airs on the Bounce network, and its third season premieres this fall.

Electronic Urban Report/EUR associate Ny Magee visited the set in Los Angeles recently and asked Gooding and his co-stars, (Angell, Tanjareen Thomas and Clayton Thomas), why the show is important for the Black audience. 

“We’re taking it back to family values,” Omar Gooding said. “We tackle real issues and we put a little humor on it, we talk about real stuff.”

Omar Gooding and Angell Caldwell at ‘Family Time’ season 3 wrap party in Los Angeles.

Angell added, “And we do it with a lot of class and a lot of love, and I don’t feel like there’s a lot of images like that right now, and we need that.”

“We need to see people of color doing positive things with their family,” Tanjareen told us. “This show makes you happy, you can watch it with all ages. I also think there should be a choice of brown faces on TV, you should be able to see a drama with us and comedies.”

FAMILY TIME set visit
Tanjareen Thomas & Angell Conwell on the set of ‘Family Time’

Check out photos from our visit, where we watched Omar, Angell, Tanjareen and Clayton shoot a fun ‘throw back to the 80’s’ party scene.

‘Family Time’

Tanjareen Thomas & Clayton Thomas (FAMILY TIME
Tanjareen Thomas & Clayton Thomas on the set of ‘FAMILY TIME’

We asked real-life married couple Tanjareen and Clayton if they draw from their relationship to enhance their characters on the show:

“For us, at this stage in the season, not yet because she plays a lipstick lesbian and I play a guy who is trying to pursue her, so we haven’t gotten to the point where I can play her man and then give the audience what we do at home or how we are in our personal lives,” Clayton said.

Omar surprised us when he revealed that he and co-star Angell dated for four years:

“Well the fun fact is, some people know and some people don’t know that we actually dated in real life,” Omar revealed, with Angell adding, “We were in a genuine relationship so we know each other pretty well.”

“So it’s easy to draw from when we’re in these little situations that they put together on script,” Omar continued. “It’s fun. It makes the chemistry good and the work environment lovely. We still remain good friends so it’s a good time.”

‘Family Time’

We asked the cast how they envision the future of Black television:

“I’d like to (us represented) across all genres,” said Tanjareen. “Including science fiction and superheroes. Let us paint the screen with our colors.”

Omar Gooding on the set of ‘Family Time’

“My vision for the future of Black television is to watch a show and not go ‘What? – Nah, that ain’t how it happened it my house!’,” Omar joked.

“You want to feel like you can relate to the images you see on television,” Angell said. “That’s what I love about “Family Time.” We’re a good family but we have a little bit of an edge.”

What can fans expect in the new season? 

Omar told us, “Season 3 we’re turning it up with beautiful guest stars like Jason Weaver and Mark Curry.”

“It was funny in season two but they went balls-to-the-wall this year,” Tanjareen replied. “It’s definitely going to be entertaining.”

“It’s incredible the direction “Family Time” is going,” Clayton enthused. “Season 3 is going to be a beast!”

Congratulations to the cast and crew on your third season. Check out the photos below from the season 3 wrap party.

By the way, season 3 of “Family Time” premieres on October 6 on Bounce TV.

Need to catch up on Season 2 of “Family Time?” Watch full episodes on

Season 3 premiere October 6.

Family Time season 3 wrap party
Omar, Angell & producer Bentley Kyle Evans @ ‘Family Time’ season 3 wrap party.



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