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The Film Strip (Exclusive): Daniel Kaluuya Shines in ‘Sicario’

daniel kaluuya
‘Sicario’s’ rising star Daniel Kaluuya

*Daniel Kaluuya stars with Emily Blunt, Bernicio Del Toro, and Josh Brolin in one of the best and most talked about films of the year, “Sicario.

The movie surrounds idealistic FBI agent Kate Macer (Blunt) who, after rising through the ranks of her male-dominated profession, is recruited by mysterious government official Matt Graver (Brolin) to take on a top, and dangerous, assignment.

When Kate mentions her co-worker Reggie (Kaluuya) to Matt, she is told he is not part of this particular operation. Kate, of course, disobeys and takes Reggie along because she feels he is necessary to the covert task at hand.

In an exclusive interview with Kaluuya, he told me he was extremely overjoyed to get the coveted “Sicario” role. When asked about all the attention the movie was getting, he said: “I’m very happy people are responding to it. What you want to do is make people talk, start a conversation. So I’m really, really, really excited about the response. I’m just proud to be a part of it.”

And the covet role just about fell into his lap because he didn’t have to go through the vigorous auditioning process. “Essentially, I just sent in a tape,” he revealed. “The director called me and I got the job. I remember Emily (Blunt) telling me how many people i beat for the role. She was really happy that it all happened the way it did.”

Emily Blunt and Daniel Kaluuya in a scene from SICARIO.
Emily Blunt and Daniel Kaluuya in a scene from SICARIO.

It wasn’t just lip service that Blunt gave Kaluuya, he says. “She is such a great person. She’s so professional and so good at what she does. She was so welcoming to everyone. She understood how I was feeling and how this English person in American felt being a part of this big shoot. She looked out for me a lot.”

Directed by Denis Villeneuve, the film delves into vengeance and the escalating war against drugs. Alejandro (Del Toro), and the team travel back-and-forth across the U.S.-Mexican border, using one cartel boss (Bernardo Saracino) to flush out a bigger one (Julio Cesar Cedillo). This nail biting, edge of the seats, and gripping film opens September 18.

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