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Snoop Dogg Responds to Talk of Being Run out of Long Beach (WATCH)

snoop dogg (instagram - blunt)

*Snoop Dogg is right. There is so much drama in the LBC.

A lot of that drama is at his doorstep so to speak. What’s happening is that talk is going down that Mr. Calvin Broadus a/k/a Snoop Dogg was told he best get to steppin’ by his own set, the Rolling 20s Crips when he showed in his old Long Beach neighborhood recently.

Allegedly the big homies are none too pleased with the Snoopster name-checking the set and not kicking any funds their way. So when he arrived to his old stomping grounds with three or four cars of security, he was reportedly told he wasn’t welcome in those parts anymore. Or at least until he brought some “royalties,” reports

Well Snoop has responded with a video that sets the record straight. In fact, he claims the it’s all a rumore and no such incident ever happened. The rumor in effect was created by OG’s who just can’t handle the fact that he is doing something positive with “young homies” and/are upset that he doesn’t acknowledge them anymore.

“I am the LBC and me and my young homies have a great relationship,” Snoop says in a video he posted on his Facebook page. “I’m enlightening homies and showing them how to get it a different way. That’s what real big homies do. I refuse to put a pistol or a sack in my little homies’ hand.”

Snoop also says he knows who started the rumor and says he’s going to get with them personally.

“You’re gonna get that face to face with me and I’m gonna give you the intellect that you totally deserve.”

Whoa! Now that’s a hella statement: “I’m gonna give you the intellect that you totally deserve.” We have to admit we’ve never heard that before. We can only wonder if the person or persons that comment was intended for can even comprehend what it means.

Check out what Snoop has to say:

Shit Sounded Personal. All I Know Is… Cuzzo Is Another Reason Why I Built My Own Lane And Stay In It!! He Mentioned 2 Thangs That Play A Very Important Part In My Life "A Mic And Camera" After I Exit The Booth #YouPointEyeShoot Bigkrunch <<<< Like #HardWorkEnterprise It's A TATE Thang!! #EastSideLongBeachStandUp #ESLBC #LBC

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  1. Yo…Don’t hold it against the OG that he 50 years old and don’t go no car….I lost my car when I was 51 because of my domestic partner, he got a DUI. We good now, flosin’ in that stankin Lincoln. Just sayin…People alwayzz try to hold good people down. SMDH….baBOOM!

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