Monday, October 18, 2021

Roscoe’s Chicken N Waffles Loses $1.6M Racial Discrimination Lawsuit (Filed By Black Man!)


*Whoa! Hold the presses! Stop the noise! Talk about a MAJOR switch-a-roo!

One of the country’s  most well-known African American-owned franchises (Roscoe’s House of Chicken N Waffles) was sued for racial discrimination.

…and the $1.6 million lawsuit was filed (and won) by a … black man.

CBS Los Angeles reports that Daniel Beasley, an African American ex-employee of Roscoe’s, has been awarded more than $1 million based on his claims that the chain unlawfully terminated him after he complained to human resources about being treated badly by restaurant managers because he is black.

He says in his lawsuit that the Latino employees receive preferential treatment, and points out better work schedules as one of the perks.

daniel beasley
Daniel Beasley

Beasley told reporters that Roscoe’s, which has seven stores in southern, California, has an “…African American owner, but he gives full authority to the Hispanics to run it.”

Read more and see a video report at EURThisNthat.



  1. Good for Mr. Beasley! Because Roscoe’s has been that way for years…

    In the early 80’s Roscoe’s had majority black employees working in it’s establishments (mainly Hollywood, and Washington Blvd. restaurants. Washington Blvd. closed and Pico Blvd opened).

    However, after the early, to mid 90’s there was a huge shift in the employees’ demographic at Roscoe’s. All of a sudden, there wasn’t too many black people working in the establishment made famous during the first years of Arsenio Hall’s show.

    I have told people on this site many times how the latinos treat black people in Los Angeles, and there was this huge push-back. This lawsuit is only one example of how divisive latinos are.

    On the one hand, I commend them for looking out for their people. Black people can stand to take a few notes. On the other hand when it comes to discriminating against black people or anyone else, that can not be tolerated.

    If it wasn’t for black people, no minorities would be enjoying any sense of equality in AmeriKKKa.

    I don’t care who is doing the discriminating — it is WRONG!

    Unity can be achieved without being racist.

  2. Its absolutely true. As a former employee i can vouch for this mans accuracy. In the owners mind all black people are lazy and we steal. Yes the owner is a black man.

  3. I guess I should have filed my lawsuit 8 years ago. This has been going on fo years people. I work for one of the 3 big fried chicken restaurants. I trained my manager 4 years ago. He didn’t speak English well, now he’s my manager and I am a shift leader???? Where they do that at??? They about to promote him to regional manager and I stand in front the fryer with flour on my face for 7 hours a day, with a bad knee???SMDH..

  4. I have made it a point in light of this lawsuit to do some snooping and visit all the Roscoes restaurants and I have discovered, yes even after this lawsuit that there is definitely an apparent racial divide, especially in the Pico location where this man was terminated. I am happy that he was able to prove what has proven to be very difficult cases to win (racial discrimination). It looks like his evidence was overwhelming and the jury awarded him appropriately based on that evidence. Even though Roscoes has a right to appeal to a higher court it looks like they only risk delving out more money to Beasley in interest and attorney fees. Looks like they should pay the judgement and move on, hopefully to improve the standards and work environment for their employees moving forward and view this as a lesson and wake up call as to what’s the right thing to do in the work place.


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