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Momma Joyce Joins New Reality Show ‘Celebrity Mamas of Atlanta’

Celebrity Moms of Atllanta

*With “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” continuing to pull in high ratings, the mothers behind some of your favorite rappers and reality TV stars are getting their own show tentatively titled “Celebrity Mamas of Atlanta.”

There has not been an official release shared about the show, however, received photos from the kick-off/red carpet event with some of the rumored cast.

Grammy winner Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris’ mother Diane has allegedly joined the cast, as did Rasheeda Frost’s mama Shirleen and Mama Joyce, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss infamous mother, who is hard to please so expect her to serve high-drama and unnecessary attitude.

Sadly, Momma D is not on the show. Guards!

“The contract is signed from a major production company,” a source close to the negotiations confirmed to Radar earlier this year. “Now it’s getting shopped to networks and everyone is really excited.”

TalkingWithTami reports:

The show will allow us to see how these women are making moves in the communities, their charities, their personal lives and interactions with their famous off-springs. We will see not sugar coat their heartaches, laughter, drama and mentoring to others.

Mama Ca$h, the momager of platinum recording artist Ca$hout, named dropped cast members while explaining the filming experience to Houston Style Magazine in an interview last December.

“Filming has been an experience of bonding, and learning with different women personalities so it has been an experience,” she said. “I mean I love it! Getting to know different individuals, learning their stories, learning their struggles, learning their accomplishments.”

She continued,

“You know, it’s just a wonderful thing. Some of the other celebrity mamas that I’m filming with are Mama Violeta (TI’s mom), Mama Diane (Tiny’s mom), Mama Frances (J. Holiday’s mom), Mama Shirlene (Rasheeda’s mom), Mama Joyce (Kandi Burruss’s Mom), Mama Brenda (Syleena Johnson’s mom), Mama Wyatt (Keke Wyatt’s mom), and Mama Shauna (KCamp’s mom).. So we have an excellent line up for you, stay tuned for what we have in-store.”

Check out the rumored cast members listed below. Which mama do you think will bring the most drama? Tell us in comments!

  • Violet Morgan (Rapper T.I.’s Mom)
  • Diane Cottle (Singer & Reality Star Tiny’s Mom)
  • Joyce Burruss (Singer & Reality Star Kandi Burruss’ Mom)
  • Brenda Johnson (Singer & Reality Star Syleena Johnson’s Mom)
  • Frances Wellington (Singer J Holiday’s Mom)
  • Shirleen Harvell (Reality Star & Rapper Rasheeda Frost’s Mom)
  • Shauna Marie Campbell (Rapper K Camp’s Mom)
  • Morenika Vinnie (Rapper Cash Out’s Mom) Blue Hairdo
  • Lorna Wyatt (Singer & Reality Star KeKe Wyatt’s Mom)


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  1. What is it with blacks in Atlanta being pimped by these reality shows. None of them, and I do mean none of these shows have any relevance or substance. These are all “wanna-be elite millionaires” who don’t have an ounce of class. But then again, like sex sells, ignorance and acting like a bunch of buffoons will do the same.

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