Monday, October 3, 2022

Adrian Peterson is the Father, Says Massage Therapist


*With his wife, Ashley Brown, pregnant with their second child, life should be good for Adrian Peterson.

But a massage therapist is making things complicated with claims the Minnesota Vikings running back got her pregnant.

Peterson fathered at least six children, TMZ Sports reports, adding that the woman’s attorneys contacted Peterson’s legal team about the case last month. The woman is demanding $1.9 million from the athlete to care for the child for the next 18 years.

The following is a financial breakdown from the woman regarding to what the money will be used for:

“Monthly support — $6,000 for 216 months ($1,296,000)
Pre and postnatal costs — $30,000
Health insurance costs — $1,000 per month for 216 months ($216k)
Private school — average of $30k for 13 years ($325k)
Uninsured health care costs including mental health costs for the child — $3k per year
Attorney’s fees — $60,000”

Responding to the woman, Peterson’s attorney rejected the proposal while noting that if the child does turn out to be his client’s, “he will gladly agree to reasonable support.”



  1. This is a complete crock. As a woman, this reeks of thirst. If two people go half on a baby, why is it the person with the most income is made solely financially responsible. Why not have both parents pay equal shares for the financial well-being of this “supposed” baby cash register?

    • It actually depends on who gets custody. We saw how the likes of Ludacris and Usher reacted when faced with a similar situation. They just go through the court system where they know their money will exert an influence. Take Usher. He went and bought himself a damn judge.
      But I’m guessing that this woman won’t be such an easy target. Look at her list. She already ahead of the game. I’m pretty sure she’s not going to make an amateur mistake as Ludacris woman did, by claiming that she was dead broke.

  2. Leticia Vasquez is the massage therapist. She has illegitimate children and a grandmother. She has attempted suicide and has a criminal record.

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