Thursday, May 26, 2022

Student Who Made Light of Deputy’s Death Online, and Showed Support for #Blacklivesmatter, Arrested

Monica Foy also wrote a tweet in support of #Blacklivesmatter
Monica Foy also wrote a tweet in support of #Blacklivesmatter

*Some may call it karma while others say it was just a case of bad damn luck for the Sam Houston State University student that came under fire for an insensitive tweet she sent after the shooting death of Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy, Darren H. Goforth.

Whichever it was, all of a sudden an outstanding warrant on Monica Foy for an unrelated matter was “found” and revealed to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and she has since been arrested.

In a tweet that did not take long to reach viral status, Foy wrote:

Tweet by Monica Foy

The insensitive message has since been deleted, along with Foy’s Twitter account. But needless to say, the damage had already been done.

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  1. Individuals respecting the freedom afforded in a just society, should be really disturbed by the response from law enforcement and the media to this officer’s death. It seems that they were going to get someone to pin it on, one way or the other, and anyone remotely considered not to be in full support of the dead officer, would be targeted.

    Just look at the comment from the Montgomery County Police Reporter:
    “Houston area #BlackLivesMatter supporter Monica Foy took to Twitter to insist that slain Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth deserved to be executed.”

    Where did she insist, or even say, that he deserved it?
    All she did was raise the question. It’s the same question I’ve been asking ever since I heard about it. Did these guys had a history that we may not have known about? It’s just unlikely that a sane individual would just role up on even a cop and do something like that.

    But then again, his sanity may have been the reason, assuming that they got the right guy:
    “Three years ago, Miles was found mentally incompetent to stand trial on a separate felony assault charge, a prosecutor said this week.”

    So even though they know that we are talking about a criminally insane individual, they just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use it to go after BlackLivesMatter.

    Seems to me like the cops and their supporters need to find someone more appropriate to blame this on, like maybe the government who allows such easy access to guns, instead of an organization simply asking for an end to the lack of sensitivity on the part of police when it comes to taking a black life compared to a white one.

    • I wonder if you would be so concerned about the mental health of someone who ran up behind your son, brother, or father and pumped 15 bullets into him while he was simply putting gas in his car. It’s always easy to sit back and arm chair quarterback when it’s not your relative that was left laying on the concrete with nothing to show for his devotion to his family except 15 bullet holes in his back. I can just hear you now. “He was mentally ill, so just forget about doing anything about this one”. And as for police having no sensitivity when it comes to killing blacks, when was the last time you seen a cop shed tears over killing a white criminal? They do kill white people you know.

      • This is what to be expected when a person allows prejudice to dictate their response to topics. Unlike you, I look at the evidence then make a judgment call. The only reason why I alluded to his mental state, is as a possible explanation for him killing the cop. Assuming that he didn’t have another reason. So unlike you, the police and prejudiced white people, I do not prejudge the activism of Black Lives Matter as the reason behind his actions. And at no point did I insinuate that his mental state should be a reason to excuse his behavior.
        As far as police sensitivity when it comes to killing blacks, unlike you, I’m just going by the evidence. Since an unarmed black man is seven times more likely to be killed by cops when compared to a white man, I can only assume that there is more sensitivity towards unarmed whites than blacks. You, on the other hand, claim that there isn’t, despite the disparities in use of deadly force.

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