Sunday, September 25, 2022

Will Master P’s Ex-Wife Drama Be Included in Reality Show?

master p family tv show

*Master P’s family reality show premieres later this year on the cable channel Reelz, and it’s not entirely known if the headline-making divorce antics involving his ex-wife Sonya Miller will be included in the episodes.

In the past two years, he has accused her of using drugs in front of their kids, and she’s accused him of shirking his fare share of spousal support, forcing her to subsist on welfare. She also famously claimed that P abducted their three biological kids – which prompted him to film YouTube videos of the trio claiming they were not, in fact, kidnapped.

The ex-couple’s latest dustup involves court documents that Sonya filed this week claiming the former rap mogul, born Percy Miller, is keeping her from entering the Calabasas gated community where she lives with their seven children.

sonya and percy miller
Sonya and Percy Miller back in the day

According to TMZ, Master P’s issue is less with Sonya (these days), and more with her boyfriend and his partying.

“I’m not going to allow access to her boyfriend and partying friends to come over and sleep where my kids are,” he said, according to TMZ. He also accuses her of neglecting their children, saying “she doesn’t even take my kids to school and my sixteen year old failed all of her classes last year under her mother’s lack of guidance.”

Again, no word if this sadness will be included in “Master P’s Family Empire,” premiering Nov. 28 on Reelz.

Below, P and Sonya’s son Romeo, a regular on the upcoming reality series, weighs in on the controversy:

Watch a promo for “Master P’s Family Empire” below:




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