Saturday, July 2, 2022

Ne-Yo & Crystal Renay Get Married with Baby Already on the Way


*Looks like Ne-Yo has more than moved on from his ex,  Monyetta Shaw, with marrying his fiancée Crystal Renay and announcing they are expecting a baby.

Although a picture Renay held in a photo Ne-Yo posted on Instagram post wasn’t obvious, Entertainment Tonight received confirmation from a source that the couple is married and Renay is pregnant their first child.


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In addition to Ne-Yo, Renay took to Instagram to post a photo of her own, with the following caption alluding to the new marriage: “Rest your soul chocolate, I’m watching over your heart now.”

Rest your soul chocolate, I’m watching over your heart now ? #neyo #CrystalRenay A photo posted by Crystal Renay (@mscrystalrenay) on

Ne-Yo’s new union marks a new chapter for the 35-year-old singer, who has two children with Shaw. The former couple, who started dating in 2009 and were engaged, split in 2013, two years after their engagement. During her time with Ne-Yo, the “Atlanta Exes” star has been open about their relationship.

Details surrounding their breakup was revealed on the reality show as a regretful Shaw revealed that her decision to tie and burn her tubes came after a conversation with Ne-Yo about not wanting more children. The entertainer ultimately broke up with Shaw over the phone.

In early 2014, Ne-Yo reemerged on the dating scene with a new relationship with Renay.

Responding to Shaw and the criticism he’s faced since her revelation, the writer-producer defended himself on Instagram, posting

“I’ve made my apologies to the people I feel I wronged. I was forgiven by those people. Anybody else passing judgment on me for my past mistakes and immaturities is more than welcome to it.”


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