Saturday, July 31, 2021

Bill O’Reilly Vows to Put #BlackLivesMatter Out of Business, Compares Group to KKK (Watch)

Bill O'Reilly Black Lives Matter
Bill O’Reilly Black Lives Matter

*Fox News host Bill O’Reilly on Monday declared war on the #BlackLivesMatter, vowing to end the movement entirely after linking it to the shooting of Texas Deputy Darren Goforth.

“They’re a hate group and I’m going to tell you right now, I’m going to put them out of business,” he said Monday on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

He asked his guests to co-sign his view that #BlackLivesMatter is a hate group. Juan Williams responded, “No. You mean like Neo-Nazis, Arian Nation or—”

“Klan,” O’Reilly clarified, “Klan.”

“Or even terrorist groups,” Williams continued, “Like Boko Haram or—”

“I wouldn’t say they’re terrorists,” conceded O’Reilly. “I would say they’re a hate group. They hate police officers.”

Watch the entire segment below:



  1. F-ck you Billo the clown. There you go smelling your own ass again thinking you are so tough and powerful.

    Have a seat you delusional freak! You’re not going to do anything but sell hate…

    BLM will grow stronger due to your warped ideology, you fool.

  2. The auDACity to even FATHom linking this org. to ANY of the recent unfortunate actions of those “OUTSIDE” of the org., is simply yet aNOTHER example of how….when faced with of their own shyt/guiltiness/acions or debt to pay?, YT always attempts to change the narrative or try to play….”invisible” like muthafkas “CAN’T”….see them. And “THIS” bigot bytch is THE “grand poo pah” of lies, denial & propaganda!! But with a boss like Rupert Murdock AND “his OWN” racist BS?,….WTF shouuuuuuld we expect? Oh & btw?…..FK Bill O’YT!!!

    • Naaaaaw 1st… “wouldn’t it be great” if arrogant mole/troll muthafkahs like YO ass, DIDN’T think “they” were in ANY position, to dictate WTF We & mine do, in opposition to the racist BS YO kind commits! 2nd?…”wouldn’t it be great” if muthafkas like YO ass WEREN’T so fkn weak, in denial & FOS, to face the fkn subjects raised BY BLM, rather than attempt yet aNOTHER “changing of the narrative” or ….transference. Now “THAT” shyt would so fkn “great”?, TONY THE FKN TIGER” would co-sign that shyt! But?….”as you were”. you weak lyin nosey muthafka youuuuuuuu. (Said like “Pesci”!) MmmmmWAH! Ps….Deez NUTTS!!!

    • And in case A case of your preDICtable kind’s “amnesia” jus kicked in?, the platform of BLM is all about…..the plethora of systemic, racist & malicious actions against Black people. You knooooow, like?….BLACK PEOPLE…”INNOCENT”!!!! “BLACK people BEING KILLED BY “POLICE”!!! Police “We” AS TAXPAYERS “PAY FOR”!!!, yet seldomly see the “reflection OF”. “That” & all the OTHER BS only “We” as Black people’s are put through/made to endure, while muthafkas like YO ass?, NEVer even dreams of having to deal with, YET???, you THINK yo weak asses are…”strong”??? GTFOH! Peep this “neighbah”….HTF does one, ANYone develope a fkn muscle, without EVva….”lifting a fkn weight”??? SES! But see?, “that’s” just it, yall are “allergic to ANY kind of fkn “lifting”, & that’s why y’all’s asses are flat, why yall created slavery of ALL kinds, & also why yall are so fkn weak & limited that inSPITE of the monuMENTal head start all yo slanted BS gave yall?, yall are STILL….looooozing the fkn race. # The Sign Of An “INFERIOR”….race. Now…..suck ‘on DAT tit, you “milky” muthafka! And next time?, adhere to that fkn sign that says…..”watch yo STUpid ass, when TRESSpassin”! FOHB!

        • See?….its shyt like “this”/your post, that continuously has you racist fkas under….avalanches. “Observe”….daFK you talkin bout “Jaaaaaaames”? “I” was responding to aNOTHER racists, who had the auDACity to murmur, that BS regarding BLM “NOT” addressing WTF “HE” thinks they should! As “IF” BLM OR any “OTHER” Black people GAF aBOUT his fkn POV, & as “IF” the guilty muthafkas who caused the initiation “OF” said org., are in ANY fkn position to “suggest” a MUTHAfkn thang “about” WTF “They/We” do/how We respond to “THEIR” racists shyt! NOW!!! (Said like Cosby!) I ask YO nosey ass this?…..HTF am “I” hate’en ‘on ANYone?? And?…WTF is your precious “critique” of “THAT” fkah, who cleeeeearly IS a racist, & an IGnorant one at that! (Oops, forgive my redundancy. For merely “BEing” a fkn racist, already MAGnifies one’ s lack of intelligence. So again….my apologies.) (SES! @ fam!) But I take it back!, for you’re GD RIGHT I’m “hate’en”. Hate’en ‘on you, them?, & every OTHER bamma weakass Bologna lipped bigot, who comes to this Black website, & THINKS they can post their condescending Rightwing BS talking points & propaganda, while never take responsibility for WTF they KNOW their REgressive REtard REpub side is guilty of! And so….WTF did you expect me or Us to do, when dealing with your bigot bytches?? And btw? “Homie” (as in The CLOWN!!) ([email protected] fam!) when “I” post “Us”/We etc?, I mean ALL “GOOD” PEOPLE peeeeeriod!! For again I post…”I’d” take a White “friend” over a Black “enemy” ANY fkn day, ahiiiiight “Jaaaaaaames”?? And if you weren’t so fkn concerned with runnin interference for yo dumbass SKINfolk?, you’d know/see that. SMFH! And also recognize?, how you reveal yo BS hypocrisy, as you “conveniently leave out ANY critique of THE GUILTY PURP”, who just haaaaappens to look…….:YO milky ass! And so, you merely REITERATE!!!! the same ole BS blindness, ALL yo in denial bigots “selectively” posses. # FOS! And I leave yo nosey ass with this one….”I” only hate…”HATE”. And I will ALways do so! And no weak fakeass sympathy ploy from a trespassin racist, will EVer get past me, or make me….stop hate’en “them”. Get it?….”them”, as in “THE RACIST Whites NOT “ALL” Whites!!! Now….climb yo dumb snotty nose ass down from the fence yo stupid peepin Tom ass has been siit’en ‘on, run ‘on back to headquarters?, & FK that next assignment!!, work ‘on yo “GED” bytch! Pssssst, oh!, & put that ladder back right WTF you got it from. MmmmmmWAH! And a good “DN”! to you TOO! “This guy heeah”! (Said while thumbing/pointing to his ass, in a thick “Jersey” accent!) Wink! Ps…& why is it that you muthafkas only pretend to GAF about Our inner cultural issues?, when We are talkin about….something ELSE?? And that “something else”?, is ALways….some shyt YALL have done….to “Us”??!! # STBS bytch, we seeeeeeee you AND yo BS transference/attempts at dodging the bullet with YO name ‘on it! FOH!

          • Get yo black attack on bro! I hear ya. Maybe I am a simple country n!gga. Wit no GED. Maybe I aint. But I luv my white bro’s too. BLM don’t give two shyt’s bout’em. Till you BOYZ see. All lives matter shyt ain’t goin nowhere. People write us off seein dat fkin rant ya got goin. fk Orielly he don’t know what its bout. But you do. You know bout it. Im pissed too we gotta do it right tho man.

        • Well, James….I got to twirl on!!!!! Shaking my MONKEY at you for that silly spit. BEing a coward, already MAGnifies one’ s lack of flexibility. So again….my apologies for twirling on that AZZ. But I take it back!, for you’re GD RIGHT I’m eatin. Eatin soulfood ‘on you, them?, & every OTHER bamma weakass Bologna dinner fixin’, who comes to this Black website, & THINKS they to good to eat pork, Double monkey shake!!! WTF

        • WTF “power”, makes you & your’s too fkn “WEAK”, to ignorantly consistently flee from the facts when they are hurled at y’all’s asses? (Blank stare/blink blink!) I tell yuh ….the delusional false sense of superiority yall cling to, is not only unsubstantiated, but also?….is the reflection of supreme…:insecurity AND “inferiority”!! And those two verrrrrry things are whyyyyyyy yall find yourselves in the position you’re in…..”LAST” place! (where you fought lied, stole, & killed to reverse?, but has backfired & magnified ‘on yo asses. # Dem chickens are roostin their ASSES off”!

  3. Blacks or fed up with the bull shi….. sorry for police an others but whe have to speak up not living in the 40s or 50s take a stand Blackman

  4. Just so yall know?….the posts at 7:40 & 8:54 were the works of my faithful yet “retarded” knock off groupy…..”TrrrrrrACY ladies & gentlemen, the fabulous “Tracy”. Showing me the love & attention her/his lonely ass juuuust cain’t seem to get ….for themselves AS themselves. I guess the mongoloid knows good shyt when they see/read it, for they SHOLE wish they …..”wrote” it. Dumb bytch comes out after my work has been done, trying to “block”/change what has been done. Told yall the bytch is retarrrrrrrded, right?! Wah waaaaaah! SB! Ehh well….”fans” tadeh. “Yawn/stretch/scratch”


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