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The Pulse of Entertainment: Karen Clark Sheard is ‘Destined to Win’; New Album Debuts at #2

Four-time Grammy winner Karen Clark Sheard release new album 'Destined to Win .'
Four-time Grammy winner Karen Clark Sheard releases new album ‘Destined to Win .’

*“I think it was inspired,” said four-time Grammy winner Karen Clark Sheard (The Clark Sisters) about her newest recording project “Destined to Win” (Karew Records/Entertainment One). “It’s been a while. I heard the…fans say ‘when is the next.’ So I prayed on it.”

The answer must have been yes because she has new music. Karen, a member of the infamous Clark Sisters, solo projects have created her own niche’ in Gospel history with four Grammy Awards and the respect of everyone in the music industry.

“Destined to Win” features Faith Evans, her son J. Drew Sheard II and Donald Lawrence who produced the album with Daniel Weatherspoon. It offers 10 selections to inspire, a cover of Richard Smallwood’s “The Resurrection”. Its single “Sunday AM” has received a Grammy nomination. Selections also include “The Worst is Over,” “My God is Big,” and “We Acknowledge You.”

“Donald has worked with me on my first solo CD,” Karen added about featured artist Donald Lawrence. “We jell together, he is like my brother. He knows my work…my likes and dislikes. My whole solo career he has been a great part of its success. Donald believed in me from day one.”

“Destined to Win” was recorded live at Chicago’s House of Hope.

“We did a tribute to the late and great Andrae’ Crouch. It was Donald’s idea,” Karen said about performing Andrae’ Crouch’s “Where Jesus Is” during the live recording reuniting The Clark Sisters with her daughter Contemporary Gospel artist Kierra Sheard, along with singer Kim McFarland. “His singers did excellent delivery with the song. I said, ‘we not as young as we use to be’…he called my sisters out and the crowd went crazy. My daughter came out and brought the young flavor. It was great to know we still can remain relevant in this day and time.”

Find out more about Karen Clark Sheard’s “Destined to Win” at

Legend of Mantamaji, a live action graphic novel by Director Eric Seaton, comes alive on screen for eight minutes

Legend of the Mantamaji graphic novel comes alive in minute short film.
Legend of the Mantamaji graphic novel comes alive in minute short film.

*Mantamaji, a superhero, in the Legend of the Mantamaji graphic novel series comes alive on screen in an eight minute short film by television director Eric Dean Seaton. The live action short was screened recently at the Harmony Gold Theatre in Los Angeles to introduce the three graphic novels of the same name to the public. Mantamaji is played by stuntman and actor Phillip Michael.

The Legend of the Mantamaji graphic novel includes other characters such as Brother Hope, Noah, villain Sirach, and Candor. Mantamaji is the last of a race of knights who once protected the world. Evil is back and now it’s up to him to save the world. The artwork in the graphic novels is done by Brandon Palas. Special effects and 3D mapping in the short is done by Gentle Giant Studios (Captain America).

“I don’t know if it’s the first of its kind, but it’s the first of its kind that I am dong in this style, a short to introduce three books…to do this short and attached it to these books,” said Eric, screenwriter and executive producer of the eight minute short. “I wanted…a short so people can see what the characters are about.”

Eric started out as a stage manager on “In the House.” He later moved on to work as stage manager on “Smart Guy,” “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment” and “That’s So Raven.” He became a director working on 18 music videos and two pilots for Nickelodeon. His directing skills landed him back at “That’s So Raven.” He went on to direct of over 200 episodes on 38 hit television shows. He was recently nominated for a 2015 Glyph Comic “Rising Star” Award.

Learn more about Legend of the Mantamaji graphic novels and short by logging onto

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