Sunday, September 19, 2021

Megyn Kelly, Cornel West Square Off Over Black Lives Matter vs. Black–on-Black Crime (WATCH)

megyn-kelly-cornel-west*Monday’s “The Kelly File” segment on Fox News turned into a war of words between the host, Megyn Kelly and Dr. Cornel West.

The three-minute debate centered on the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the various cases of Black-on-Black crime as Kelly kicked things off with discussing Peggy Hubbard, a St. Louis area grandmother who – as we reported – generated more than 7 million views of a video she posted that captured her anger with the Black Lives Matter movement and the lack of protests happening for the inner-city regarding innocent children and unwarranted violence.

For Kelly, attention to Black-on-Black crime has been abandoned. West, on the other hand, argued that a separation between “state-sponsored violence” against Black lives exists. The activist went on to state that although crimes such as Aiyanna Jones and the 9-year-old girl killed in Ferguson do indeed matter, the foundation of #BlackLivesMatter lies in police brutality against unarmed Black people.

As noted, “Kelly’s argument of Black people not taking responsibility and protesting when violence strikes ‘inner-city America,’” is clearly false. The publication emphasized that national coverage barely touches on community as it stories of looting and hostile gatherings grab the spotlight.

To see West and Kelly’s debate, check out the video below:



  1. Now “this”?, is a MAJor slick BS attempt! WTF appointed Nappy West as BLM’s spokesman??!! Answer….”YT” did, JUSt as the did with….Messy Jessy, Al “PORKshopton” , & now…Nappy West. (SES!) And.. the only reason this Black backstabbin sambo got arrested WITH BLM, was …”Now” I neeeed my people/to give the FALSE impression I’m “WITH” my people, now that “my target” (POTUS) will soon be out of office, thus eliminating YT’s use forrrrrrr him! BOOM! (Fkn BUTler!) This Fredrick Douglas knock off is nothing but a fkn …mole!!!, & I hope BLM recognizes this, & right fkn soon!!!! UnFKnbelieeeeevablllllle! WASMGDH!

  2. I agree with Taurusingr, in that Cornel West is trying to remain relevant. He like most of our supposed black leaders are saying and doing the same thing they have been doing over the last decade. Giving this white woman on Fake Fox News, no less, more ammunition to feed the rabid right with more fodder to slander the black problem. I understand and sympathize with the grandmother, and her aguish. But the problem stems much deeper than the inner city Americans black on black crime. The key words in that statement is “Inner City America,” and why it even exist. It’s by design, and the out come is predictable; thus black on black crime. The poison is the inner city, it has to be demolished. To many young black and white people don’t know the history of the concerted effort of the white establishment to create the inner city and to keep it from progressing. The Jim Crow, and the white only that happened all over the country, and not just in the south, is by design to get the result that is happening today. To understand this endemic problem is to understand how to rid it from our community. BLM need to reach out to the neutral white community, the one’s that voted this president in twice, to step up to the plate and be heard, and lend their voices to ours because ours alone are to few. It can be done in spite of the rabid right wing of the republican party with their racist, bigoted vitriol to keep this country lily white.

    • Yo….inDEED sir, it is a plan! A well designed premeditated ALL SYSTEMS INVOLVED…plan! From the school to prison pipeline, high unemployment, systemic/racist legislation, judicial AND police entities???, ALL this shyt is contaminated with….White (false!) supremacy &….racism. And any other culture subjected to this profiled way of life?, probably would’ve been annihilated…yeeeears ago! Now….not that we don’t share some responsibility?, but damn near everything “IS” a derivative of…the social climate in which we as Blacks have been forced to endure….FOR DECADES!!! And so….there are bound to be some off shoot/reaction TO this BS! And so when..FOX”FAKE”NEWS has ANY opinion of what/how/why we are the way we are?, you can’t give them OR anyone who says the same thing they do, but “looks like Us” a GD inch of….credibility. For again…they are merely…moles, lookin for their next check! And another thing?, the way BOTH parties deviate “FROM” the subject “We” broach?, is a dead give away to the facts that….NEITHER party is sincere or wishes to address OR respect the subject at hand. # Change the narrative?, avoid the responsibility & therefore….allow the BS to….continue. SSMDHATBS!

    • One moe….like to “me’?, it’s one thing to try to remain relevant, but…a faaaaaar DIFferent issue to…sell out, “traitor up” & align one’s self with…the ENEMY of your people! For their should be NO amount of relevance or compensation, to justify….”that”! TJBT!

  3. I made the exact same point as Dr. West. This grandmother is still confused, despite her age. State sponsored violence against blacks is different from blacks killing each other as a result of the limited opportunities presented due to institutionalized racism.

    It’s really not that difficult a concept to grasp. We know that Fox and most white people know whats going on, but would rather feign ignorance. What’s unfortunate, is that too many blacks seem unable or unwilling to see the light.

    But we need to at least ask the same questions as Ice T did in New Jack Hustler:
    Every Dollar I get, another brother drops
    Maybe that’s the plan and I don’t understand

  4. HEY??? How can Cornel West EVER be relevant, when he’s married to an UGLY ass pale face woman?? When I see him on TV, I switch channels!! He’s one of the WORST traitors…neck and neck with Uncle “Sambo” Clarence Thomas!!! NOW TELL ME I’M LYIN’!!!!


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