Friday, May 20, 2022

‘Black-ish’ Takes on the N-Word in Second Season Episode

black-ish cast*”Black-ish” isn’t falling back on controversial topics for its second season.

While the hit ABC show dealt with corporal punishment in its first season, an episode in the upcoming season “will tackle ‘the N word’ — and its repercussions — when youngest son Jack (Miles Brown) utters it during a talent show performance at his grade school,” Variety reports via MSN News.

“We wanted to do it last year, but we felt like it might have been low-hanging fruit for us,” “Black-ish” executive producer Kenya Barris told the publication. “But in this off-season, you’ve seen where we’re at. As we’re supposed to be evolving, (racism) is still rearing its ugly head constantly. So we felt like the word was still timely.”

The corporal punishment episode of “Black-ish,” titled “Crime and Punishment” attracted good feedback from critics as it triggered debate among viewers debate about whether or not parents should spank their children. The show’s N-word episode will be set up like “Crime and Punishment,” with each family member taking a different stance on the subject.

“I have my own feelings about it and I know that a lot of people in my own house and my friends have different feelings about it,” says Barris. “So I felt like the show was a good place to address it. Let’s examine this word and take a real look at it.”

For those wondering if ABC was cool with “Black-ish” exploring such a controversial topic, rest easy. According to Barris, the network was supportive of the move.

“As long as we tell our stories in a comedic and respectful way, they are really behind us,” he shared with Variety.

The second season of “Black-ish” is set to premiere at 9:30 p.m. E/P on Sept. 23.




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