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The Pulse of Entertainment: ‘Hitman: Agent 47’ is a Powerful Leap from Video Game to Big Screen

Rupert Friend ("Homeland") stars as Hitman: Agent 47 in the 298th Century Fox presentation in theaters now.
Rupert Friend (“Homeland”) stars as Hitman: Agent 47 in the 20th Century Fox presentation in theaters now.

*Rupert Friend (“Homeland”) is Agent 47 in the 20th Century Fox presentation of Hitman: Agent 47.

The American-German action thriller is a powerful leap from video game to big screen. Rated- R. Hitman: Agent 47 is the journey of a genetically engineered assassin hired to kill his creator Dr. Delriego, played by Rolf Kanies (The Down Fall of Berlin), and genetically engineered human Katia Van Dees (aka as Agent 90) played by Hannah Ware (Cop Out) before someone else finds them and their genetic DNA sample.

It’s a race against time because wealthy businessman Le Clerq, played by Thomas Kretschmann (In Enemy Hands), is out to capture the Dr. and Katia so that he can make his own personal army of Agents. Katia has no idea what special skills she possesses and she is searching desperately for a face in her mind that she believes is her father. Suspense rises as Le Clerq’s genetically altered assassin John Smith, played by Zachary Quinto (“Heroes”), finds Katia first. The result and ending will leave you excited to see Hitman2.

Skip Woods (The A-Team) and Michael Finch (Predators) did an excellent job keeping the feel of the video game, while bringing that major film vibe together to make it a major motion picture. Producers were Adrian Askarieh, Charles Gorden, Skip Woods, and Alex Young. Alksander Bach is director.

Kirk Whalum partners with VODACOM for mentors program with two South African ‘X-Factor’ finalists

Grammy wnning Kirk Whalum, seen performing on South Africa's 'X-Factor,' mentors two finalist with American performance in Los Angeles.
Grammy wnning Kirk Whalum, seen performing on South Africa’s ‘X-Factor,’ mentors two finalist with American performance in Los Angeles.

*Grammy Award winning saxophonist and living legend Kirk Whalum partners with VODACOM Group for a mentors program on South Africa’s “X-Factor” that inspired him to bring two finalists – Wandile Mnomya and Gavin Edwards – to perform with him in America. Whalum also performed on the South African version of Simon Cowell’s “X-Factor” show, a nationally televised talent competition. The performance Wandile and Gavin joined Kirk on was as opening act for Maze featuring Frankie Beverly at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.

“It felt amazing like we won the ‘X-Factor’,” said Gavin Edwards about his mentor-ship and American performance with the great sax man Kirk Whalum.

Wandile said with a smile, of the “X-Factor” experience, “It gave me a great sense of power. It went away when they started telling me what to do.”

Kirk said of the opportunity he gave to the two South African artist, performing as opening act for Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, that he was “honored to have been on stage with them before. Frankie Beverly and Maze has a historical presence in the industry and… Nobody does live like Frankie Beverly and Maze. It’s inspiring to represent music. It is a lot bigger thanks to Hollywood.”

Whalum’s mentorship is a partnership with VODACOM Group, the largest satellite service provider in Africa. They provided him with the opportunity to mentor on “X-Factor” and give the two up-and-coming South African artists a stage to perform on in America.

Kirk Whalum is known world over for his performance in South Africa with Whitney Houston in 1994.

“That was big in South African history,” he said about his performance with the legend in South Africa. “They still talk about it. Kids not born before that year talk about it and how they will be – built on the strength of that social experience. Since then I have been back so many times.”

“We have worked with him before on the show,” Gavin added about performing with the Kirk Whalum. “He is phenomenal.”

“It was a great experience for me,” Wandile said about working with Kirk on the “X-Factor” show. “I have no word for it. Right now I’m just speechless.”

Kirk said working on the South African “X-Factor” show and mentoring the artists, thanks to VODACOM, was because of the great mutual respect he has for African artists.

“There will be many more collaboration with artists that are on the Continent of Africa. We owe a great debt to Africa. It’s an opportunity to make this right. I want to undo some of the damage we’ve done to Africa.”

Kirk Whalum is currently promoting his new live album “The Gospel According to Jazz, Chapter IV (GATJ IV) – a two-disk project with 19 songs and an accompanying DVD of the live recording. Whalum won his Grammy Award for “GATJ III.”

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Eunice Moseley
Eunice Moseley is a syndicated columnist of The Pulse of Entertainment, which has an estimated syndicated readership of 1/4 million a week. She is also a PR/Media & Promotions consultant at her firm Freelance Associates ( located in Baltimroe and Los Angeles, is the founder and coordiantor of the 'Uplifting Minds II' Entertainment Conference ( held annually in Baltimroe and Los Angeles, as well as, the Promotions Director (at-large) at The Baltimore Times.



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