Sunday, July 3, 2022

Stevie Wonder Sounds Off on Gun Control at Free Concert


*Gun control is an issue Stevie Wonder is not shy about weighing in on.

And the performer made his views known while giving fans a free concert Monday (Aug. 17)at Central Park’s SummerStage to promote the extension of his “Songs in the Key of Life” tour, Page Six reports.

While he found time to joke with the crowd, took a serious tone as he spoke on gun control while pointing out the struggles that still exist despite the progress made over the years.

“As much as we have made some incredible strides, we have also really gone to this crazy place, like them against us and us against them,” he said at his third free show for the day. “We really need to do that thing called fixing the planet, by fixing each other, fixing ourselves. That includes everyone, me and us, in the spirit of love.”

“We have gotta find a place, we as Americans of all ethnicities, we’ve got to put an end to it . . .,” continued Wonder, a supporter tougher gun laws. “What we have to do, whether you’re NRA or whatever, is find a place of everyone being accountable for every gun we have here.”

In addition to sounding off on gun control, Wonder lightened the mood a bit as he joked with the crowd before touching on his “Claim the Bullet” campaign while touting its importance.

“If you want to shoot the gun, then claim the bullet,” the entertainer said. “It doesn’t deprive people of their freedom, but it does hold people accountable because you can’t take a life back.”

To see footage of Wonder below:

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