Thursday, October 21, 2021

Bill Cosby Accuser Heidi Thomas: Comedian ‘Bordering on Insane’

heidi-thomas-medium-169*As Bill Cosby continues to face allegations of sexual abuse and drugging from various women, one of his accusers is opening up about her experience with the embattled comedian.

In an interview with Denver Post TV on Saturday (Aug. 15), Heidi Thomas, a former aspiring model and actress, detailed meeting Cosby and his effort to have sex with her. references claims Thomas made in February that go back to 1984, when she says her modeling agency instructed her to visit Cosby so he could give her tips on acting. At the time, the funnyman was performing at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino in Reno.

Thomas claims that after she performed a monologue for Cosby, he told her to do a read as a drunk person.

“How are you ever going play an intoxicated person … if you’ve never been drunk?” Cosby said, according to Thomas, who added that things got “foggy” after he gave her a glass of Chablis.

Thomas goes on to claim that when she woke up, she found Cosby in bed with her. From her account, Thomas mentioned that the comedian was naked and “forcing himself in my mouth.”

Now a music teacher, Thomas was among those who posed for a recent cover of New York Magazine, which featured revealing expose on Cosby’s situation that included accounts from 35 women who say the entertainer raped them.

“I stopped being a victim 30 years ago when I made the conscious decision that this was not going to affect my life,” Thomas told the Post while explaining why she came forward to support the other Cosby accusers. “I wanted to support them and say no they’re telling the truth, I know they are.” Thomas continued about coming forward to support the dozens of other Cosby accusers.

The chance to meet the other accusers during the New York Magazine cover shoot proved to be a “comfortable” one for Thomas as she revisited that moment

“Having everyone there and not having to explain anything and not having the ‘why did you wait so long to come forward?’ question… it was comfortable, it was as if we all knew each other for years,” she said, adding when you combine Cosby victims overseas, she believes “there are hundreds of victims.”

In her eyes, Cosby is “bordering on insane.”



  1. How can they be credible witnesses after all getting together? I’m stories their lawyers didn’t advise against getting together. At least they had a chance to get their stories straight. Insane is when you look like that and think you EVER had a chance to be a model.

  2. And people like you are the reason women don’t come forward with allegations. You disgust me. I was molested when I was 8 by a teenage neighbor whose mom was babysitting me, it went on for months and I never told anyone. Still to this day the only person I’ve told is my best friend. The guy is now married with children (as am I) and appears to be leading a very successful and wonderful life. I can barely look at his picture without recoil. But there are many reasons I haven’t told anyone, one being it’s humiliating and I just want it buried. But if others came forward and said he did the same to them and people shamed them and said they were liars, I might step forward and tell my story too. But my abuser isn’t famous and powerful like Cosby, which adds a whole other layer of intimidation and fear. All of these women can’t be lying…believe me, it’s a humiliating thing to admit even if we were the victim. Stop standing up for Cosby just because he’s black. The guy admitted in court he drugged women to have sex with them. What if one of the victims was your daughter????? And BTW there were some black women he did this to too!!
    Oh, and this former model’s allegations are from the early 1980’s, which would mean she was probably a teenager or in her early 20’s at the time, which would make her around 50 or older now…so your put down is ridiculous. Ass.


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