Monday, April 19, 2021

Terrence Howard Cries on Stand; Says Ex Spazzed Over Scene with J-Hud

terrence howard - michelle ghent

*Terrence Howard‘s issues with his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, were made even more public of Friday where he broke down on the witness stand.

Howard, who fought back tears and took deep breaths as he testified, says he ended up signing a settlement agreement with Ghent because she threatened to release medical information that would make it difficult for him to ever work in Hollywood again.

The “Empire” actor was talking about a conversation he taped when Ghent was on the phone threatening to telling various people he had an STD.

On top of that messy situation, he also said under oath that he signed the agreement under pressure because she threatened to release a sex tape of him and another woman.

In other news from the trial, Howard told the court that Ghent once kicked food all over him in a jealous rage because she couldn’t get with him doing a love scene with Jennifer Hudson when they were in South Africa filming “Winnie.”

In another part of his testimony, according to TMZ, he says their sexual compatibility went down the drain after he tried becoming a Jehovah’s Witness and used “applied Bible principles” to his sex life.

He explained he was trying to rein in his urges. As he put it, he was trying to go from “apple pie a la mode” to just plain “apple pie,” and she wasn’t biting.

Howard also said things got so bad he faked a suicide attempt by telling her he swallowed a bottle of pills. He says he did not actually do it.

The bottom line is that Terence Howard wants to undo the settlement which grants Michelle Ghent $5800 a month in spousal support and a large share of his “Empire” money on grounds he signed the document under extreme duress.



  1. It is very fkd up, how a blatant case of “malicious revenge” STILL won’t be dismissed!! And all b/c?….he’s a…”man” & she is a…FEmale. # “The Pussification of America”


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