Wednesday, June 29, 2022

NFLer (Roger Broyles) Lives Frugally on ‘Only’ $60,000 a Year

Ryan Broyles

*Oh my goodness, how does he do it.  He must also be a miracle worker or something.

Ryan Broyles may have secured his financial future with a four-year $3.6 million contract in 2012, but nowadays you can catch him living off much less with $60,000 a year between him and his wife.

While the annual amount may raise some eyebrows, USA Today notes that for Broyles, it’s simply a way to insure that he has a little bit left over after his days as a wide receiver for the Detroit Lions are over.

“Then you know how much you can invest, how risky you can be,” ESPN reports Broyles saying, as he enters the last year of his rookie contract with no guarantee he’ll make the Lions’ roster. “Then, when I was hitting the same budget over three, four, five months, it was all right, this is what your budget is and I had some spending money.”

Despite the injuries he’s faced since being drafted by the Lions, Broyles is hopeful with making an impact this year. At the time of his drafting, Broyles’ four-year contract included $1.42 million guaranteed.

According to The Detroit News, the athlete stood out with finding holes in the defense when he’s been healthy. Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough for him to become an integral part of the offense last year.

As far as what he learned from last season, Broyles summed it up in two words.

“Be patient, man,” he said. “Control what you can control. Whenever opportunity presents itself, try to make the best of it.”

By budgeting his money, Broyles is able to play football simply for the reason he plays overall: The love of the game. ‘

“The pressure I put on myself is just being the best player I am,” he told the Detroit News. “I would never play [just] for money, you know what I mean, that’s not my intentions whatsoever.”



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