Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Uh-Oh, Scary News for Uber Riders, But it Comes from the Company’s Competition

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*As a regular Uber rider, the revelation that serious criminal convictions on some of its drivers have been revealed scares the crap out of me. And it should scare you too. But more than being fearful, I hope it will prompt us all to take action and contact Uber to insist they do better screenings on their drivers.

And though this doesn’t mean to diminish that demand, as is the case with all things, we must consider the source, along with a potentially hidden agenda.

It is no surprise that app-based, low-cost taxi services like Uber and Lyft have caused contention with traditional taxi services. There is no way that yellow cab and independent taxi services can compete with the low prices these new rider services offer. And from where many of us sit, they are not even trying.

Case in point: Just the other day this writer was forced to take a traditional taxi. Not only did the fare box show $2.85 as soon as I jumped into the car – rising to $3.10 only seconds later– but by the time I reached my close-by destination a ride that Uber would have charged me $4.00 for, was slightly over $10.00.

Not to mention the $1.00 tip (along with some sage advice to pass on) I gave the driver.

Like I said, they are not even trying to compete.

But now with the war being waged on these app-based companies aiming to broaden their services to those arriving at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX); traditional taxi companies have found a new way to fight: by digging up dirt on the competition.

The criminal convictions mentioned above were brought to the attention of officials by a representative from the taxi industry.

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