Monday, November 29, 2021

Jesse Jackson: Obama Failed to Provide ‘Targeted Plan’ for Black People

barack-obama-and-jesse-jackson*Although he admits that President Barack Obama has faced an “unfair” amount of opposition from the GOP, the Rev. Jesse Jackson believes the Obama administration should have been more direct in dealing with issues affecting black people, such as unemployment.

Jackson’s disappointment with Obama’s record as it pertains to empowering black people was expressed in a new interview with the International Business Times. In his eyes, the president has fallen short.

“[Pres. Obama] has the view that racial injustice is something that requires a vote [in Congress],” Jackson told IBT. “Blacks are without a targeted plan. Without one, we’ll never have an even playing field.”

Especially troubling for Jackson are figures highlighting the overall growth of the economy, while noting that that African-American growth is the slowest since the recession in 2009.

“It’s time not for a national police summit in places like Baltimore, but for an urban reconstruction summit, where all the agencies are used in that reconstruction,” the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition president explained to the IBT. “There is an opportunity to pull together government agencies — [housing, education, transportation departments] — and make something work.”

For more of Jackson’s interview, click here.



    • Obama has done his JOB. I couldn’t get a phone because of my credit issue. Boom!!! Free phone from the president!! Small step like that help people like me. REV Jack should chill!!!

      • Yo people….they say that “imitation” is the highest form of flattery?, but when coming from such a fkn “cheap knock off”?….nnnnnnNOT so much! Translation?, “I” didn’t write that post, & the actions of a weak, childish, wanna be “me” retard?….continues. Sigh. But again, as The Whispers said….”Just keep’on LUvin meeeeeeeeeeeeee”! (Psssst “FK you Traceeeeeee”). Ps….And it’s too bad your acknowledgement/identification of “what’s good/the shyt” (by YOUR OWN crooked ass actions!) doesn’t/CAN’T translate in your witLESS, weakass knock off posts! But…one can’t be an artist, without “talent”. # Couldn’t draw a straight line, with a fkn …”ruler”! ? But meanwhile… “you LIKE me, you really LIKE me”! (Said like “Sally Field”!) FOHB! SSMHATSB! (Ok everyone….carry on!)

  1. Rrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiight! As oppose to the one YO ass provided for….”MLK”! STFU you race traitor, backstabbin, jelly, cryin Pekingese muthafka! “You” ain’t “provided” a GD thang but?…..a clear shot at Us for YT, & “a vehicle to economically rape your people”, with that BS (Push/Breadbasket/Rainbow) you use to peddle to the Black communities, & OVER CHARGE Us for!! (an average of “20, 000” per. speaking engagement!) SMGDHATSN! Ps….and isn’t it interesting how mofo’s can list what POTUS hasn’t done, but NEVer mention “WHY” he “hasn’t/COULDN’T do it??!! (SES!) And if these complainin mofo’s ever got around to acknowledging/listing all Obie HAS done/achieved?, (despite all the racist climate & BS obstruction & from BYTch McConnel, that orange crybaby Boehner, & the rest of those sore losin assholes, who vowed “country be damned”!!, to fk up “this” POTUS”?), they would slit their fkn wrist, for the nakedness & apparent reflection of their…weakness & ignorance. # “Showing your bytchassness”. And it’s also a GD shame?, that MOST people don’t know or bother to fiiiiiiind out, all this POTUS has done, & how he had to “disguise” his target of benefit, by “NOT” labeling said agendas as…”for Black people”. And ANYone with a fkn “woRking brain”??!!!, knows that YT didn’t even want Obie to help “WHITE” people!!!!! So…WTF expect him to declare everyday as “Soultrain Day”, or blame “him” solely (or AT ALL!!!), for what hasn’t been accomplished under his tenure as POTUS? It’s merely the denial & lies of a racist or “sambo” (enter Messy Jesse’s selfy “here”!) who views the facts of this situation in this warped, biased & dishonest fashion. They are simply “too fkn weak to face the truth”, or…”too skilled at kissin massa’s ass/being GD traitor!!!”, to “stop helping YT “HIDE” the truth”!!, & stand up for their people. Eithah waaaaaay?, “a BYTch is born”! TJBT!

    • Bush ramrodded everything he wanted to do down America’s throat, so… I’m not really understanding. The healthcare initiative was fantastic, but I think people are upset with police brutality and focus on gay rights. The lack of jobs solution is going to have to come from within the community through our owning businesses and creating jobs for ourselves.

    • @TAURUSINGR…. you spoke VOLUMES!!! You called Jesse Jackson out!

      With the issues in Chi-town…. along with his son… he may need to go radio SILENT!!!

      Did you say… “declare everyday as “Soultrain Day!” roflmao!!! OMG!

      A lot of people are not considering the MASSIVE amounts of $$$ being used against the Commander in Chief!

      The Koch Brothers fund college campuses, all types of Rethuglican organizations, they fund individuals that are then quoted and place in the news (papers;live feeds), in FACT they may have broken Rev Jackson off some $$$ to cause dissention!

      Everybody knows that Rev Jackson is about that $$$.

      • WhadDUP lady?? And….”yes I diiiiiiiiiiiiid”! ? And “you’re” right ‘on target as well!!, regarding The Koch Bros …”money of obstruction”! Just as a SLUE of Repubs, maliciously “FIRED & REFUSED TO HIRE”!!, juuuuust to keep make & keep the unemployment rates…high, & then assign that blame to….POTUS. Like…for people to STILL be blaming Obie for what CLEARLY isn’t “his” fault?, is ‘on some MAJor denial &…detached from reality/bizarro world shyt, for REAL!!! But for the most part, we are talkin about “racist” and so? I…..digress. SSMDH! Ps….now if only B.Sanders can detach HIS ass, from the current “anti-facts movement”, & see/understand why he was the object of criticism at that Netroots rally, & why they will conTINue to shut his ass down, until he DOES….”get it”! I mean….claiming “diversity” after only hiring…”1″ AA?? Invoking “ALL” lives matter at a rally for the “BLACK” lives, when 99% of the people being HUNTED arrrrrrrrre “BLACK”??!!! Yo…talk about having the SAME GD disconnect & disreSPECT, as his blatantly racist opponents across the isle!!! But again…I digress. Sigh.

  2. True. Now they all need to put their heads together and do more. Not only do we need a plan, we need to be willing to work the plan.

    • Hey there, lady? I know what you’re sayin & I’m ALL about supporting my people! But?, “I” also feel?, that …all your “SKINfolk” ain’t your “KINfolk”!! And so damn this “color” thang!!, & only the intelligent “GOOD” people (from BOTH sides!) should “put their heads together”, & KTFO all the current gatekeepers (from BOTH sides!!) & theeeeeen we can do some ish worth a damn! Otherwise?, the contamination will fester & continue to “infect the process of progress”! “BOOM”!

  3. Taurusingr your make me proud. You hit Jesse Jackson, dead on! He like so many other black so called leaders, who do nothing but talk a good game. What he’s talking about and the others happen long before this president came into office. In fact this shit is by design and has been in place for decades. Unfortunately we are going to need white folks, the one’s that put this president into office, to step up to the plate and be heard. Not saying something are doing anything is like consent. It is going to take a while to unravel this vicious web that the republican, racist, rabid right wing is trying desperately to keep in place. We will need the help of other Americans to break the mode. We have come a long way, and the fools who thought that because we have a black president that he would act like super man and knock down those barriers that have been in place for eons. He has done a great deal, in spite of the obstructionist republican bigots, to help everybody, but unfortunately, again by design, we are the last to get the benefit. However, I think we are making progress, in fact, I know we are making progress, we have a black man in the White House, and he’s brilliant. We couldn’t ask for a better representative than our president.

    • Thanks again, for the co-sign fam! And yeah…I’ve ALways likened this ish to?…that last scene in “A Time To Kill”, & S.Jadkson tells McConahey …””YOU” have to make them see…”ME”!! And “that’s” due?, to the conscious & UNconscious racist being conditioned against respecting/validating ANYthing & anyONE!!, who doesn’t …”look like them”. SMH! So…we’re here ><!!!, as it pertains to needing Whites!! Just as We/POTUS did, when a LOT of Blacks were shuffling behind…"Massa Clinton" in "2008"! It's just a damn shame, that every tribe BUT our's, has grasped the concept of "take care of your own".

  4. Black folks are going to have to realize that if WE want things to really change, then WE are going to have to be the ones initiating that change and making up our own plans. It’s time out for begging the gov’t to ‘help save us.’ Jessie, please go and focus on your family.

  5. Ever since Reverend Jesse wanted to shear off Obama’s balls, he has fomented an undercurrent of resentment against this president. Jackson should focus his attention on the high, black on black murder rate in Chicago and leave Obama alone. Clean up your own mess first! Fanteeking

  6. Prez Obama handed me a targeted plan…in 2009 when I purchased my first home and a received $8000.00 for first time (credit) home-buyers…ching,ching$$…all hail to the chief!!

  7. @TAURUSINGR…. you spoke VOLUMES!!! You called Jesse Jackson out!
    With the issues in Chi-town…. along with his son… he may need to go radio SILENT!!!
    Did you say… “declare everyday as “Soultrain Day!” roflmao!!! OMG!

    A lot of people are not considering the MASSIVE amounts of $$$ being used against the Commander in Chief!

    The Koch Brothers fund college campuses, all types of Rethuglican organizations, they fund individuals that are then quoted and placed in the news (papers & live feeds).

    In FACT they may have broken Rev Jackson off some $$$ to cause dissention

    Everybody knows that Rev Jackson is about that $$$.

    Rev Jackson is shady…. Crabs in the barrel mentality.

    His son was a crook that learned from his daddy!


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