Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Lights, Love and Loss!


*This week we’ve seen two reports about celebrity divorces. First, Will & Jada which probably shook us all a little. Not because the rumors are new, but because after all these years of being together and being under so much scrutiny,  the act of them staying together gives those of us who want it all – love, family, success, hope of what’s possible.

Then there was the report that Halle Berry may also be divorcing, which while not breaking news, is still sad to consider because she’s had such bad luck when it comes to love. It would be really nice to see her happy.

Will Smith responded on Facebook to the reports and come out strongly defending his love for his “Queen” and refuted all reports of a break up.

Speaking of Queens, I’m headed to DC to be the keynote speaker for the Miss Black USA Pageant contestants. And I can’t wait to pour into their lives!

What does this have to do with lights, love & loss? Will, Jada, Halle & Olivier?  Plenty!

Because after the lights & cameras dim, when your title is taken and the public and all the praise that goes along with being in the spotlight are over, we all really want the same thing. We want to be loved, supported understood and honored by a spouse, companion & life partner who sees us for who we really are. And on our worse days, when we are weak & disillusioned, they are there to pick us up, encourage us & push us forward.

I don’t know which rumors are true and I don’t know who will win this year’s title, but what I do know is that the best of who we are and what we have to offer ourselves, our mate’s & the world is cultivated in the hard times, when the lights are off and when no one is looking. We press on because of the burning desire in our hearts, because it gives us life and purpose.

If these celebrity marriages fail, and since only one young lady can win the national title, the question is does that make them failures? Absolutely not!

Regardless of the outcome, when you know you’ve given something your best, when you know that you dared to take a risk and try; trust me you are doing better than most. You know the people and public that sit around and critique. The same people who are so afraid of failing that it cripples them and prevents them from ever realizing how great they can actually be.

Yes, disappointment & conflicts come and go. That’s called living! Get in the mix, as the adage goes. It’s better to have loved & loss than to have never loved at all. This same concept can be applied to going after your dreams. Live out loud. It’s worth the risk!

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is a former Miss Black USA and Ebony Magazine’s pick as a “Future Leader.” She brings her unique skills as a National Correspondent; her passion and knowledge as a Social Activist; her charisma and sense of humor as an Actress, Blogger, Personality, Motivational Speaker, and most recently Author; to the world of multi-media. This first time author has been writing blogs for the benefit of millions for over 10 years. Known for her direct, inspirational and provocative style, Deya works as a producer for the nationally-syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS). The TJMS reaches 8 million listeners daily. She is also the creator and host of Girlfriend FM, a short-form video show-commentary-blog targeting female-driven hot topics on Tom Joyner TV and DEYA DIRECT! whospeaks directly to the hearts, minds and souls of women, pulling no punches with her engaging approach--is becoming a powerful voice to be reckoned with. And now with the debut of her life-changing book Touch Yourself, 30 Ways to Boldly Live, Love and Let Go!; Deya not only pours her heart out but she will empower women to confidently take responsibility for their lives, their bodies, the love and the dreams their hearts desire. Originally from New Haven, Ct. Deya now resides in Dallas, TX. She is a graduate of Howard University.



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