Saturday, July 2, 2022

Whites Burst into Black Girl’s Birthday Party Holding Confed Flags (Watch)


*For the slight few who may think this whole confederate flag being taken down issue is a done deal, physically it may be, but mentally…not so much.

Most of us knew that the removal of the flag from statehouses across the south was just a formality. African Americans know all too well that the  same attitudes that hoisted that flag in the first place still exist.

So the mere fact that a group of hateful, arrogant, white residents would barge into the birthday party of a young black girl waving those flags and yelling racial slurs; then turn around and say the flag has nothing to do with racial hatred is enough to make any sane person gag.

But that is what members of a group called “Protect The Flag” did in a Georgia community.

Multiple news reports say witnesses saw the men pull up to the party in an entire fleet of pick up trucks, carrying confederate flags and threatening to shoot the party guests and at the same time calling them “n*****rs.”

Read more and watch video at EURThisNthat.



  1. This buy back guns for 200 coupons (with bar codes so you can be id’d) only in the Black community is bullshit we need to be buying guns…they could have had some flat tires and buckshot in their ass. I am sick of this dumb ass cretins.

    • Do you know what REALLY happened? This situation is missing something? What did the news report say?

    • Hilaaaaaaarious. Hey….you can “tone it down” or “put some lipstick ‘on”!, but….you’re STILL counterfeit, you’re STILL a pig, & most importantly? …:you’re STILL….:not…..”me”. But again……”Just keep’on LUVin meeeeeeeee”! (Sung like “The Whispers”!) WASH! (What A STUpid Hoe”)

  2. How u know its all wrong T! Maybe the News is trying to avoid a race war in this MFer!!! Either way.. you can see the video.. whites w/ that stupid azz flag antagonizing blacks! I agree C Baker.. its time to bare arms.. and set this shtzz off! I cant believe this happened at a Bday party.. BBQ whatever.. And the cops just stood there.. if it was a bunch of brothas in Cadillac’s.. those police would’ve drawn guns.. and searched their cars! And T .. who is a stupid hoe? The white racists or the Police? Or BOTH

    • Yo C?, don’t Even fall for this “counterfeit bytch EUR editor”, who’s one of my BIGGEST fans, & impersonates me, for attention. They prolly would like to misguide others “away from” my posts,as well, b/c “my” posts (though they’re envious of them!) FK WITH THEM THE MOST!! And thus?, my fasaaaaaancluuuuuuuub. Hey…some STUpid shyt I know, but….”it is what it is, & they are WTF “they” are….”jelly & counterfeit”. One!

  3. Does anybody know if the news media is trying to spin this? @Taurus I didn’t see the video. What was your take on this story? I’m trying to figure out if this family was randomly targeted or what. Who the hell just barges in on a little girls b day party?

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