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Ice & Coco Expecting Baby Girl, Talk is Key to a Successful Marriage (VIDEO)

Ice & Coco
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*During the premiere of their new daily talk show on Monday, Ice & Coco announced that they are expecting a baby girl! Coco flaunted her barely there baby bump – revealing that she’s actually five months pregnant! They also reveal the name they picked out for their little one on the way, Chanel.

Peep the clips of their announcement below, which includes Coco opening up about her pregnancy to former reality star, Snooki.

Ice & Coco have been married for over fifteen years, which is longer than most Hollywood marriages. We asked the couple what they attribute to a successful marriage and they said Communication, Compromise and according to Ice-T: “Hopefully you marry someone you love. Someone you love being around, you love spending time with, and you’d rather be with them than any of your friends, any of your family or anybody else.”

On Communication:

Ice-T: Don’t let anything fester, if you have a problem, talk about it as soon as it’s appropriate and hash it out. One of the problems in relationships is people really don’t talk. A lot of times it’ll be a problem I might’ve did to Coco and I wouldn’t even think it was something and it bothers her. She has to let me know that. I might not even think it was a problem and I’ll keep doing it, and I didn’t know.

Coco: One of the big things that women do is they like to keep things festering inside. They don’t bring it up. They don’t want to bring it up. So all these problems start building up inside of them and they might hold it out for a couple of years and then they blow up because they held it in for so long. That’s a problem that women just do in general.

On Compromise:

Ice-T: You have to be willing to compromise. I always say, if you want to win every argument and do everything you want to do, when you want to do it and you don’t want anybody to have any input into your life, there’s a name for that. That’s single. You gotta compromise, you can’t always have your way. You got a partner now so you gotta work it out. The trick is, one person can’t win all the time – you’ve got give up and give in.

Coco: A lot of women just like the feeling of being married. Don’t get married because of that.

Ice-T: Yeah, that’s whack.

Check out part 1 of our chat with Ice & Coco, and visit their website for more information about the summer preview of their new talk show, airing in select cities.

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