Saturday, November 27, 2021

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Cousin Admits Being Barred From Burial

Bobbi_Kristina_Brown*The longstanding feud between the Brown and Houston families apparently resulted in Bobbi Kristina Brown’s cousin being barred from the 22-year-old’s burial in Westfield, New Jersey.

Aja Scott, a 36-year-old nurse from Freehold, NJ, revealed to Page Six that orders from Pat Houston prevented her from entering Fairview Cemetery to pay her respects to Bobbi Kristina. When she called Pat on Monday (Aug. 3), Scott, who brought flowers and a toy stuffed lion to the private service, said she received the following response:

“Who invited you?”

“I said I am her cousin on her father’s side and since I’m not on the list, she won’t let me in,” said Scott. “Why is Pat being so secretive? She should let her friends and her family say farewell.”

Scott’s revelation comes after her mother Leolah Brown, generated headlines after interrupting Pat Houston when she began to speak at Bobbi Kristina’s memorial over the weekend. As we reported, Leolah Brown screamed, “Pat, you know you are wrong for this” during the service before she was escorted out of the church.

Once she got outside, Leolah  continued voicing her thoughts, telling the media, “Whitney will haunt Pat Houston from the grave. She will haunt her. Pat, it’s not over. It has just begun. It has just begun.”

In light of Bobbi Kristina’s passing, the question of who will ultimately get Whitney Houston’s fortune comes in to play. According to reports, Pat Houston controls the late singer’s estate.

In her interview with Page Six, Scott stated that Bobbi Kristina’s death and the escalating feud between the Houston and Brown families are things her mother is struggling with at this time.

“She is having a hard time with it,” Scott told Page Six. “We are treated like the side that wants money out of it. Money doesn’t matter. It’s Bobbi Kristina that matters. All the money in the world can’t bring her back.”

“It’s getting to the point where both sides of the family are seeing how controlling she [Pat Houston] is,” Scott continued. “She wants to be the star.”



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