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Ice-T & Coco Talk New Baby, New Talk Show and Breeding Out Racism

Ice & Coco
Ice & Coco

*Coco and Ice-T announced that she’s pregnant via Twitter last week. Coco tweeted, “I’m pregnant!!! Yah!! Ice & I are so excited! I announced it Friday on our new talkshow which airs Aug 3rd.”

Their new daytime talk show, “Ice & Coco,” debuts August 3rd,  where viewers will learn just how long the married couple of 15-years have been hiding their big baby secret, whether or not they’re having a boy or a girl and the name they’ve picked out.

We caught up with Ice & Coco to discuss their new talk show and their exciting baby news.

Coco, how nervous are you about being a first-time mother?

Coco: Pretty nervous. I think the most nervous thing is, I really don’t want to go through the labor part. That’s not something I’m looking forward to but I think every first timer is that way. But I’m a trooper. I’m gonna make it through.

Has Ice given you any advice on what you can expect from being a first-time parent?

Ice-T: I told her, you can either roll with it, or you can be different. You can say, ‘Hey I’m pregnant, so let me eat everything in the house!’ Or, just be yourself, don’t fall into what other people tell you what pregnancy is. Just have your own pregnancy.

Ice, at 57, how does it feel preparing to be a dad again?

Ice-T: It’s a much different experience because now I’m gainfully employed. When I first had my daughter I was broke. I couldn’t afford Pampers and Enfamil.  I was still in the streets hustling. And then when I had my son, I was just getting into the game. But now, all those things that you worry about as a father, wanting to be there for that child, I don’t have to worry about that. Now, I just gotta keep myself healthy so I can be around for a while. But I’m still young. I’m still doing metal tours. I’m out there rocking. I just did a big rap tour this weekend. Hip Hop is the fountain of youth.

How will your talk show will be different from other daytime talk shows?

Ice-T: I don’t know how its going to be different cause I don’t watch day time talk shows. It’s like this, if you make music, you can’t make music by listening to everyone else’s music. You just have to go into the studio and play what sounds good to you. And that’s how you create real art. So we’ve got great people working on the show with us. We got people from Oprah working on our show. We actually got the best in the business. They’re giving us the segments and setting it up and it’s easy for us.

Ice, what’s your opinion about the current climate of police brutality and racial bias?

Ice-T: It’s outta control. We talked about it 20 years ago and for it to be at this level now, it’s crazy. I think with social media and phones, people are able to see it now but you gotta just think, how much stuff people aren’t seeing. I posted on Twitter ‘forget what we’re talking about. Look at what your kids are seeing.’ You’re worried about rap music, look at what your kids are seeing. What they’re seeing is the cops hurting people. So how are they gonna address people? I think we’re coming to a place where racism is trying to be snuffed out but the last bit of it, that has a foothold, is the most evil part of it. Obviously a lot of racism is gone, but what’s left is the worse part of it. I think it has to be bred out. I think the kids have to be taught, like I teach my children, and we’ll teach our child, and you have to breed it out. You gotta remember, less than 50 years ago we were still riding on the back of the bus.

Tune into “Ice & Coco” on August 3rd on FOX-owned stations in New York (WNYW), Los Angeles (KTTV), Washington D.C. (WTTG), Atlanta (WAGA), Phoenix (KSAZ) and Detroit (WJBK).

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