Thursday, August 11, 2022

Hump Nails: Yay or Hell to the Nah! (Provide Your Own Fun Captions for Jellybean Win!)

hump nails1

*Woo, not to rain on anyone’s parade of what fly looks like, but it’s pouring like a mo-fo over here. I mean seriously, never let it be dismissed how some folks’ stretch of the imagination goes far beyond what is even remotely visible to the rest of us.

Take this newest craze, (and trust me I don’t even know if it has caught on to craze momentum yet): hump /bubble nails. A fashion that may have been inspired by someone’s poor judgement: Oops, maybe I should have taken off the eight coats of polish before adding this last coat, or someone looking for a way to fulfill their jelly bean addiction without putting on the calories.

Any way you slice it, its no eye candy. But hey, judge for yourself.

As a matter-of-fact, let’s have a little fun. Here are a few pictures. Let’s play the caption game; where we write a humorous sentence depicting what outfit the person may be wearing to go along with the nail style they chose. In your comments (on the EURThisNthat page) don’t forget to add the number of the picture you are referring to. And try not to be too cruel. Oh hell! Be as cruel as you want.

And here’s a little “inspiration”…The most creative description gets a bag of jellybeans!

As per usual, I’ll start.

Read more, participate, and watch video at EURThisNthat.




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