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Rinkins Report: Author Offers Recipe for Leadership Success

Joshua Fredenburg, author and speaker
Joshua Fredenburg, author and speaker

*In an increasingly diverse and competitive economic climate the demand for growth and results is insatiable and unwavering. Noted author and speaker Joshua Fredenburg travels the country training corporate and college audiences on the skills necessary to consistently create value through faith-fueled leadership.

“Leadership is an ability to influence others towards a certain destination to make the world a better place,” said Fredenburg, author of “Are You the World’s Next Top Leader.” “Before you can lead you must have strong character and values. You must also understand your capacity and have faith to walk out your vision.”

He said prior to seeking leadership roles you must be able to lead yourself.

“The first step toward influencing yourself is knowing exactly who you are,” he revealed. “The more I know about myself, the more I know who I should surround myself with and how I overcome challenges whatever challenges come in the way of my vision.”

Fredenburg is poised to launch the Discover Your Call to Leadership experience. The event promises to deliver industry experts, actionable guidelines for leadership success, and tips to transition from your job to your dream. The event is presented by Leaders for Christ Ministries and is scheduled for Saturday, August 1 at the Florida International University (Biscayne Campus) in North Miami, Florida.

“Every perspective leader must be able to set a clear vision that will change their communities, companies or campus,” he added.

Fredenburg offered this five-step recipe for leadership success:

Identify Your Gift:
“You must know what you do really well. Be confident and passionate about your gift and share it with the people you intend to lead.”

Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals: “Most people think they understand this. However, setting goals and making sure you meet them is a necessary and radical part of the leadership process. Also, your goals must be S.M.A.R.T. meaning specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.”

Create a Dream Team: “You need a team of people that believe in your vision and goals 110-percent. This multi-dimensional team includes several people that can assist, encourage, and be honest with you as you pursue your dreams.”

Increase Capacity: “You must have the capacity to get the job done in an excellent manner. If you don’t currently have the capacity, find out which skills you will need to strengthen your skills and knowledge base.”

Have Resilient Faith: “Faith is the ability to act on what you believe. Resilient faith is demonstrating an ability to bounce back, ignore rejection, make adjustments, and overcome whatever challenges and obstacles that stand in between you and your desired outlook.”

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Zach Rinkins
Zach Rinkins, host and producer, The Rinkins Report

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