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Audio Interview: Basketball and Art Unite to Inspire Youth Life Skills (Listen)

lashaunn casselle, jerome w. jones, eldridge dickey portrait
LaShaunn Casselle (daughter of Eldridge Dickey) and Jerome W. Jones, Jr. with his latest portrait painting of Eldridge Dickey, the first black quarterback drafted in the first round in the NFL at sports exhibit for Ray Neblett’s ICB Camp

*Raymond Neblett, founder of the free Inner City Basketball Camp recruited father and son professional artists, Jeromyah Jones and his dad Jerome W. Jones to the 7th Annual Ray Neblett’s Inner City Basketball Camp (ICB).

At the Calhoun Community Center in Richmond Virginia, the pair showcased autographed painted portraits of history making athletes.

7th annual inner city basketball camp, ray neblett
Richmond Virginia kids having fun at 7th Annual Ray Neblett’s Youth ICB Camp

The five day basketball camp for children ages 8 through 18 featured talks from college & high school coaches. Plus, former and current NBA and college basketball players.

Additionally, the event offered a life skills class; a concert of jazz, gospel, reggae and rap music. Plus, trophy winnings and the Jones’ art exhibit featuring basketball legends.

According to Jeromyah, he and his father’s ‘I Am’ presentation is more than just art. For the duo it is a method of teaching  life lessons through the mediums of sports and art combined.

“We are teaching the younger generation the history of the games that they are playing,” said Jeromyah Jones.

With stories and anecdotes, the duo parallels the hard times of triumphant historical figures, with the struggles in the lives of under privileged youth. The idea is inspiration.  Listen in below to EURweb’s exclusive interview with Jerome Jones who shares a few of these elevating stories.

Jerome and Jeromyah’s collection of portrait paintings which were on exhibit at Ray Neblett’s basketball camp are entitled “Ingenious Athletic Minds (I AM).

The paintings featured images, autographs, a poem and also inscriptions on the portraits from stars like: Hank Aaron, Dr. J, Michael Jordan, Willie Mays, Doug Williams, Willie Lanier, Terry Bradshaw, Serena Williams, Muhammad Ali, Arthur Ashe, Ben Wallace, Reggie Williams, LaVar Arrington, Cal Ripken, Jr., Evander Holyfield, Michael Vick, Joe Gibbs and David Thompson.

All of whom the Jones’ have  met over their long professional art careers. A career which started for Jerome 40 years ago.

In collaboration with Ray Neblett and his dream to empower inner city youth, the Jones’ have adapted a similar mission. The pair believe that if the inner city boys and young men that they encounter can see similar struggles to their own in the lives of those who have accomplished great feats, then they can also see the potential for greatness in themselves.

The painting below features Ray Neblett wearing a t-shirt with a logo that Jeromyah and Jerome created for the Inner City Basketball Camp. The painting is further decorated with a poem, written by Jeromyah, entitled ‘Lay up.’

ray neblett painting, jeromyah jones, jerome jones

EURweb associate Billie Jordan spoke with Jeromyah Jones for a full length interview about he and his fathers work. Enjoy the audio presentation below.

Lay Up:” in the audio link below Jeromyah Jones reads a poem exclusively for EURweb readers. The poem is inscribed on one of he and his father’s ‘I Am’ paintings as shown above. [Listen]

Scroll down to find EURweb’s exclusive audio interview of Jeromyah Jones discussing with Billie Jordan he and his dad’s collaboration with Raymond Neblett. Plus, in the interviews below Jeromyah tells the stories of Eldrige Dickey and other basketball greats. Stay tuned as he reveals the message behind their stories.

Jeromyah Jones discusses ‘I AM’ Portraits with EURweb. Plus, Raymond Neblett’s  free Inner City Youth Basketball Camp. Also the story of Eldridge Dickey,  the first African-American quarterback selected in the first round by an AFL or NFL team, and more. Listen here:

With EURweb Jeromyah Jones Discusses Parallel Messages from Historical Figures of the past – Including, Eldridge Dickey

EURweb Audio Presentation: About ‘Lay Up’ the poem

EURweb Audio Presentation: More on Raymond Neblett. Who was he/what was his story?

EURweb Audio Presentation: More on how the father and son duo connected with the Inner City Basketball exhibit

2015 marks the seventh year of Neblett’s free Inner City Yourth Basketball camp. Plus, it also marks Jerome W. Jones, Jr.’s  40th year painting ‘pioneers on the path of life.’

To learn more about the founder of the Inner City Basketball Camp, Raymond Neblett (former Virginia Union University basketball star and teammate of NBA’s Charles Oakley) listen to the Soundcloud playlist below: Art of life teachings through the love of art and basketball.

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