Friday, January 28, 2022

Tami Roman Reveals Health Issues Causing Pregnancy Woes

Source: Jerod Harris/Getty Images/ZIMBIO

*45-year-old Tami Roman is expecting a child with boyfriend Reggie Youngblood, 28, and she is not without worry over it. The feisty reality television star revealed that she suffered a mild heart attack three years ago, which she says was partially due to poor dieting, she’s also diabetic. In a recent chat with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, she discussed how these health issues are effecting her during pregnancy.

“There are levels to heart attacks,” Tami explained to host Charlamagne. “I had a mini heart attack, and it was due to diet and smoking. I’m also diabetic. These are all of the things that I’m worried about with this pregnancy; [I’m] just trying to do the right things.”

Tami confessed that she was not initially keen on having a child with her young stud Reggie, but she said that the counseling they are receiving on  “Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars” has taught her how to compromise.

“I never thought that I would have children again,” Roman explained. “But because he is 17 years younger, he’s never been married and never had children. What I learned on ‘Marriage Bootcamp’ was how to compromise in the relationship. So I decided to give him what he doesn’t have.”

Tami was also asked to share her thoughts on her “Basketball Wives” co-star Draya Michelle and her dramatic on-again-off-again relationship with Orlando Scandrick.

“They’re so on-again off-again all the time and I know there was some scuttlebutt about her having her own show… some fodder… I mean I don’t know,” Tami said, adding, “I’m just saying it’s too many times. And every time they do something they have to go to the blogs with it. Like if y’all not together, just fade away from each other and let someone ask, ‘what happened to Orlando and Draya?’”

Watch Tami’s interview below.

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    she smokes; drinks, doesn’t eat healthy, and acts like a teen.

    All of this is ok… if she is not an expectant mother.


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