Friday, January 28, 2022

Shaq Doubles Down on Pippen: ‘I Don’t Let Bums Disrespect Me’


*Shaquille O’Neal took time out of his podcast on Monday to explain his Instagram beef with Scottie Pippen.

It popped off last week when Shaq said an all-time Los Angeles Lakers team would beat an all-time Chicago Bulls squad by 50 points.

Pippen took exception, noting that his Bulls won six championships in the 1990s.

Things took off from there, with a back and forth of insults and trash talking that appeared to fizzle out.

On Monday’s edition of “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” however, O’Neal brought it all back by explaining what led to the exchange, and then took it to another level, according to CBS Sports. He said:

I didn’t even make the picture. Some other little guy made the picture so I just took it. It was the five best Lakers and the five best Bulls and I said we’ll beat them by 50. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it. I didn’t say “Hey @ScottiePippen we will beat you guys by 50.” “Hey @Rodman we will beat you guys by.” I just said, I’ll beat you by 50.

Now, he made it personal when he said, “@Shaq I don’t believe in hypotheticals.” He swung first so I’m going to swing second and I’m going to swing last. Because I don’t let bums disrespect me. Yeah, he was a great player but I’m the bridge, he’s the water. He will always be under me. Every now and then he will rise to the occasion to get to the same level as the bridge but when reality kicks in, I’m bridge, he is water, he is under me. Scottie Pippen can’t disrespect me.

He made it personal when he put @Shaq, we got six rings like he was the main focus of the six rings. You were not the main focus of the six rings. Don’t make me pull up the scouting report. You wasn’t even a factor on the scouting report. It was all about Mike.



  1. Shaq would be the number 3 center behind Wilt and Kareem. With the game on the line the ball didn’t go in to Shaq in the post but it did with Kareem. Wilt only has 2 championships but was just as dominant, but more agile/athletic than Shaq


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