Thursday, October 6, 2022

Paul Mooney Says Bill Cosby Got His ‘N****r Wake-up Call’

Paul Mooney

*Paul Mooney has never been shy about voicing his opinion on race and social injustice, and incorporating both into his controversial brand of comedy. Later this month, the comic legend will reunite with comedian-activist Dick Gregory for two special shows at Washington D.C.’s Howard Theatre (July 30) and New York City’s B.B. King Blues Club & Grill (July 31).

HuffPost recently caught up with Mooney to get his thoughts on some of the current trending topics, including race relations, Donald Trump and the future of Bill Cosby’s legacy. You can read the interview in full here. Below are excerpts:

Do you think protesting will help resolve race relations and bring justice to race related crimes?

Paul: No. Racism is going to be here until you die, I die, till everybody dies. They just get slicker with it. Back in my day, they just said what they wanted to say, nowadays they just do certain things and get slicker with it.

Speaking of politics, Donald Trump is currently leading in polls. How do you feel about the possibility of him becoming president?

Paul: I say, run. You can’t tell him, “You’re fired.”

What are your thoughts on Bill Cosby and his legacy moving forward?

Paul: The only thing that I can say about that is that he got his “N****r Wake-up Call” [Editor’s Note: “N****r Wake-up Call” is a reoccurring joke that Mooney uses in all of his comedy routines.] What’s new? Does it surprise you? It goes to show you how much power he didn’t have. They took off all his reruns – TV Land just took everything off. Do you see his stuff on TV now?

Do you think it was fair for TV networks to pull “The Cosby Show” reruns?

Paul: No. But that’s white America. But you know the old saying, he “don’t have the complexion for the protection.”

Ny MaGee
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  1. Unfortunately I just saw Paul Mooney at a comedy club this past Saturday and it was sad to see. Mr. Mooney now has Alzheimer’s and was repeating himself over and over. The packed house started out in rapt attention and 30 minutes into it some people were even booing. He is a absolute legend so it was hard to watch, but it was horrible!

  2. Paul needs to be castrated and left behind so insects can slowly eat his remains. Alzheimer’s is to good for him. He’s worse than Cosby!! All the young girls he turned out on crack!! Hypocrites both of them!!!! The nerve!!

  3. Paul Mooney has been one of my favorite comedians to listen to- his audiences have been a testament that he draws from many different races and ethnic backgrounds. He has the gift of making us laugh on the most sensitive issues and reflecting on the bizarre truths about our culture.

    If he appears to have memory loss in current shows, which I hope is not the case, whatever he does remember would still be worthwhile to pay for.

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