Sunday, October 2, 2022

Teenage Girl Found Hanged in Her Jail Cell One Day After Sandra Bland (Watch)

Kindra Chapman, 18
Kindra Chapman, 18

*Oh god. Let’s hope this isn’t the beginning of a trend.

With the mysterious death of Sandra Bland still leaving us with more questions than answers, very few of us even realize that another young African American woman was discovered in the same way, just one day later.

Kindra Chapman, 18, was found dead in her jail cell in Homewood, Alabama. Her death is being called an apparent suicide after she was discovered with a bed sheet around her neck.

Chapman’s death comes only one day after Bland’s, but less than an hour-and-a-half after she was booked into the jail.

Read more and watch video at EURThisNthat.



  1. White folks are something else. They would say that all of the people who were found lynched, committed suicide as well. This is an old tactic that is being used.

    • I said the same thing.. Why all these black ppl dying by the white hand? And not getting punished? Somethin ain’t right with this system.. And it makes me mad every time I hear this..

  2. I don’t believe one word of it…..very suspicious….its just not natural for us to want to hang ourselves no matter what the situation is!

  3. here how u solve the problem get rid of any the that can be used to do so in jails and prisons there is no need for a sheet ive seen wool blankets they use in the jails the give 2 of them out one to lay over bed one for warmth shit in most country u son get nothing in jail but food in some cases they fight for food but my point is it can be stoped from happen

  4. I do not know what to think of this story.
    Immediately after I heard about this, the family quickly announces, “We want the world to know her death was a suicide.”
    Since laws differ from State to State, then perhaps preliminary reports are quickly retained in Alabama than they are in New York.(?)
    I know that people and things change within time, but have we really resulted into killing ourselves – by hangings.(?) (I have never been arrested so I cannot say what a person goes through or how it feels.)
    Perhaps the family was threatened to give up from learning the truth.(?)

    I suppose only God knows what truly happened to Kindra Chapman, Sandra Bland and the MANY others that “suspiciously” died in police custody and/or chased and shot by the police.

  5. I think some one inside is killing these you black people. and saying that they was found hung in there cell …!!!!!!?! That’s bullshit…….they did it…..they are gonna use that now!!!!!

  6. This is a lie thus young lady is cousins with a friend of mine !! She is alive and well and is a Correction’s officer… Her name is WyTeria Shaquoya she’s on FB

  7. You know , they have been killing us for over 400 years and the only thing that has to change now is that we need to act , other groups have been targeted and stood up and fought back and won. But , we are the most do nothing complaining people on this plant !!!! You don’t expect your enemies to look out for you , we ask and beg and then go right back to doing what it was before reading the story. Marching, voting and praying has not and will not work , we need to take action in a way that so many other have.

  8. “Marching, voting and praying has not and will not work , we need to take action in a way that so many other have.”

    You are so right on that. How much more can be achieved through voting than to have a black man as president? But still not a single charge brought against the many cops and wannabe cops who have abused and killed blacks, from Trayvon Martin to Eric Garner. Even a Republican had the decency to prosecute the cops who beat Rodney King within an inch of his life.

    And the future looks just as bleak. I was getting a bit excited about Hillary Clinton’s bid and was hoping for some improvement over what we now have in the White House, but then we got another glimpse of the bigotry we saw emerging during her primary battle with Obama.

    #blacklivesmatter is obviously just another response to the fact that blacks are the only ones getting killed by cops. So why would Hillary Clinton have a problem with it?
    Does she seriously believe that its implications are that white lives don’t matter?
    Only a racist or an Uncle Tom like Stephen A Smith would find reasons to complain about this hashtag.

    Our best bet is through social media. Use it to put pressure on all the racists who the criminal injustice system is still protecting. Like the racist cop who tried to fame Sandra Bland for assault. Or the racist cop who assaulted the black girl in McKinney and tried to frame her for committing a crime. This the same cop who framed a black man on drug charge because he was in a car with a white woman. And despite all this, he was allowed to retire with a pension and full benefits.
    We got to keep calling out the system for giving these criminals a pass. Follow them everywhere. Continue to blast their criminal behaviors through social media. Make their lives a living hell.

    • Reds,

      This is a great piece! I cannot add or take anything away from what you wrote!
      We get sick and tired of what is going on around us but nothing has changed.

      You wrote:
      “We got to keep calling out the system for giving these criminals a pass. Follow them everywhere. Continue to blast their criminal behaviors through social media. Make their lives a living hell.”
      With all this new technology in our hands, this is so easy to do.

      Thanks for the post and keep speaking the truth!

  9. Black ppl don’t hang themselves. Too many ofvour ancestors were torchered this brings heartache and shame. Check your history.

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