Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Team Cosby All in With Media Campaign to Save Comedian’s Reputation


*Bill Cosby’s admission to getting drugs to use on women he wanted to have sex with may have been a major blow against his public image, but the embattled comedian’s legal team is going all in with an aggressive media campaign to defend him.

The New York Times reported Wednesday (July 22) on arguments made by the legal team, which state that revelations made by Cosby in a legal deposition 10 years ago have overshadowed the fact that he hasn’t admitted to any crime.

“There has been a good deal of confusion, and perhaps a better word would be misrepresentation, regarding the deposition testimony which has been filtering out in excerpt form,” Monique Pressley, a lawyer for Cosby, told the Times in a phone interview. “There is no criminal conduct here. Nothing within the deposition moves the ball forward for those people accusing Mr. Cosby of criminal activity.”

In its story, the Times details the legal team’s media campaign as it highlighted Pressley’s appearances on “Good Morning America” and Fox News Channel’s “Shepard Smith Reporting” as “part of a whirlwind series of interviews aimed at defending Mr. Cosby. . . .”

“She said people needed to understand the context of Mr. Cosby’s comments in his deposition, specifically that Quaaludes were a legal drug in the 1970s that many people used during consensual sexual encounters. . . .” the Times mentioned.

The damage done to Cosby has impacted his reputation as the embattled funnyman has experienced a severe backlash from the public and those he has dealt with professionally.

The latest company to join the fray against Cosby is Simon & Schuster. According to Entertainment Weekly, the publisher has “pulled a number of celebrity endorsements for Mark Whitaker‘s Bill Cosby biography, which was published in September, from web pages for online retailers.”

“The biography, Cosby, didn’t mention the sexual abuse allegations that recently became publicized, and was widely criticized for not doing so,” the publication reported Wednesday, adding that it received confirmation from Simon & Schuster vice president]and executive director Cary Goldstein that it would pull the celebrity blurbs because of “recent events.”

“Simon & Schuster and the author have decided to remove all of the celebrity endorsements we received prior to publication last fall,” Goldstein said in a statement. “In addition, there is no plan for releasing a paperback edition, or for issuing a revised version of the book.”

EW goes on to mention that “praise from Billy Crystal, Mary Tyler Moore and others” of Cosby “will not appear on Amazon.com or other retailers. . . .”


source: Richard Prince’s Journal-isms




  1. I almost feel sorry for this man. But its easy to feel sorry for an old fool, so I just remind my self of what he did in his days of youth. And to just think that he almost got away with his deceit. I wonder why God decided to let the truth known now? Well, my granddad us to say, “You may get by, but you don’t get away.”

  2. What you do in the dark will always come out in the light, even if it’s decades later. Cosby’s best bet is just to shut the hell up and disappear from the public. Learn from OJ.

    In the beginning, I had assumed these women, having waited so long to eventually say “Hey, this guy raped me”, were full of it and lying. However, when Cosby did not immediately battle back and prove them to be liars, I began to doubt him. Now, it’s game over. However, I do wonder why of all of these 30+ women, not one came forward before now. It’s wild that everyone had a price and/or could be intimidated.

    • All didn’t wait late….. They were being judged by those who now see the light., It was a plot against a black man. A decoy story….. Smdh…. No one would listen!!!!!

  3. This whole SHYT is about….”The Arrogance of a Hypocrite”.”BOOM”! And too many times?, good, descent people give these “MALICIOUS” manipulators….too much fkn respect, & too many chances. TJBTITMFB!

  4. I’m confused on how admitting to distributing illegal drugs to teenagers is not admitting to any crime. I guess it takes a lawyer to claim that up is down and black is white.

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