Thursday, August 11, 2022

Janet Jackson Releases Full Video for ‘No Sleeep’ (Watch)

Janet Jackson in the video for "No Sleeep"
Janet Jackson in the video for “No Sleeep”

*Janet Jackson has released a music video for her new single “No Sleeep,” featuring J. Cole.

Her first new video in over seven years features the insomniac traipsing through a vacant mansion as rain falls outside.

The clip debuted this morning on “Today,” and was also posted on Janet’s Twitter page with the caption, “I hope u enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Watch below:

Jackson co-wrote “No Sleeep” with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, who have been working with Jackson since her 1986 album “Control” and have collaborated with her on nine Billboard Hot 100 number one tracks.



  1. I love Janet, but this song sounds like every other JJ song and the video is definitely nothing special. Wouldn’t you want to blow everyone away after staying out of the limelight for so long? On a positive note, she looks great.

  2. Hey your probably too young to remember any JJ songs…just a knocker! The video rocks….she should have dropped it a few weeks ago…can’t wait for any club remixes.. Go Janet!

  3. Yo….JJ may never win “vocalist” of the year” but SHE “IS” a mFKn ICON”!!! & should be treated as such! (Side eye stare!) But…We as a people are SO conditioned against ourselves!! Ex….WB’s & Beckys like Robin THIN & J. TimberFAKE, Iggy, Miley, Kesha etc..can/DO come out with some of THE lamest shyt ever!!! Shyt that material by brothas/sistas like saaaaaaay…Usher, C.Breezy, TGT, Luke, Joe, Ledisi, J. Scott, etc…would/does desTROY!!!! But…who get’s all the “R&B” heat, accolades AND luuuuuv from “Us”!!??….the “White” girls & boys! SMH! And now…”JJ” has to be held to a higher standard thaaaaan “WB’s/Beckys”, & SHE has to bring something “better/more than” the BS presently consistently being delivered & celebrated, by….all these ” OTHER” artist?? Ok…”Kool & the Gang”. 1st…she DID do “that”! 2nd….she usually DOES “do that”! (Other than that ish with JD!/# “real talk”!) 3rd & finally?, We are just being seduced away FROM “the gift of “Our/Black” art”?, that We are starting to not even “recognize or appreciate it, unless it comes in a “WHITE” box!! And are the ONLY tribe/team “NOT” reppin/supporting Our OWN team “no matter what”!!! But instead?, seem to wanna cherry pick “when to buy a ticket for a…”home game”. (add aNOTHER side eye stare, right about “here”!)!) Sum BS. com, fuh SHO! And yet conTINue to reach out & touch the “other side” of the field, while simultaneously wondering?….WTF Our score is….so low. (Still staring!/SMGDH!) Yo….RECOGNIZE!!!, JJ?….”has her own vibe,swag, style & sound”. And then ALso recognize?….the more you tear your own down?, the less you’ll see your/Our face ‘on “OUR” culture, in the diaspora of the whole shyt!, & I’ll be “HELPing YT “STEAL” …..Our shyt! Look…not knocking “constructive criticism”?, but again….”We” knock OUR OWN players ….out the fkn game!!! So I just ask?…..”what’s so intelligent about this behavior”? # “Willie”…lynchburg lemonade”. Yo….after all she’s been though….losing her brother, that fkd UP marriage, & that BS JT put her through AND left “HER ALONE” to recieve ALL the BS attacks & career hits (even though IT WAS “HIS” SONG she was performing!!!!??? GTFOH!! # “Punkass culture suckin Nuetrasweet fake ass bytch”!) Yo…..”I” just feel?, that she deserves a lil moe objectivity, & a LOT moe…GD respect!, you diiiiiiiiiiig??!! (If not?, I got a “shovel” fuh yo ass!)/Wink! Seriously though, do yall actually think “Madonna” would still be here, if “her” people ….”shot HER star out of the sky”??!! Haaaaaayil naaaaaw!! (And she ain’t got 1/2 the “wing span” of JJ!) So all I’m sayin eeah? (no matter WHO they are!!) ….”Why not let Our OWN..”fly”!!!?? TITMFB!/Chuuuuuch!

  4. Loves your comment !!!!!!!! JANET AND MICHAEL 4 EVER THEY ARE THE MEANING OF THE WORD PERFORMANCE !!!!!!!!!!!–

    • Hey thank you, lady! 🙂 In my opinion?…the truth trumps ALL negativity & BS! “BOOM”! 🙂

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