Thursday, May 26, 2022

White Woman Spazzes Out On Cops & Doesn’t Get Shot (Video)

cop car crashed by woman*White Woman Led Cops on Hi-Speed Chase, Head-Butts Officer & Tries to Grab His Gun, Then Steals the Cop Car

..and yes, she lives.

Talk about white privilege. And it was caught on tape. The whole two minutes and 32 seconds of it.

Whew! Where do we begin with this story of blatant white privilege. A woman obviously high on something does more to incite police brutality than any number of the African American men and women could even think of doing, and the reversal of how she is treated WILL BLOW YOUR MIND…Or not! In the video, the first thing you hear the officer tell the woman, after she has sent them on a high-speed chase in her own car, and head-butted a deputy as soon as she gets out of the car:

“You are not going to get shot at all, you hear me?”

As he tries to restrain the hysterical woman, who, later in the video begs to be shot, you can see the cut on her forehead, where she head-butted the deputy once she got out of her car (which stopped after she crashed it!)

Hurry over to EURThisNthat to watch the video!



    • Of course it’s no surprise to you. Y’all do crazy stuff and get away with it all the time.

      • I know this enrages us all, but I believe the comment by I Said It refers to the article saying we (black folk) “may not” be surprised at how this turned out because of the double standards in society.

        • No, that isn’t what he meant. I have read his posting on a previous story which another commenter pointed it out as well. He or she is definitely not black.

        • As a matter of fact, check his post on the Hulk Hogan story, then you’ll see. He speaks from a white person perspective in defense, and if there is a wrong done to someone black, he never speaks on the wrong. He is an instigator like a few others me and a few others have noticed on this sight. Read between the lines.

  1. I wonder when black cops run into white folks about to be arrested who are out-of-control, such as this woman, do they have the urge to simply beat the crap out of them or is that only reserved for black people? I’m so curious about the mentality of black cops who see violence against other blacks by other officers. Do they feel it’s justified or are they simply afraid to speak up?

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