Saturday, October 1, 2022

Bill Cosby Mural Painted Over after Marred by ‘Rapist’ Graffiti

Bill Cosby mural in Philadelphia defaced by graffiti
Bill Cosby mural in Philadelphia defaced by graffiti

*A mural of Bill Cosby in the comedian’s hometown of Philadelphia has been painted over by the city after it was tagged with the word “rapist” and the phrase “dudes with ludes.”

The words reference the recently unsealed 2005 deposition in which the comedian admitted to obtaining Quaaludes to give to women with the intention of having sex with them.

According to the Philadelphia Citypaper, the Mural Arts Program was already intending to remove the “Father’s Day” mural, which also featured Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, but accelerated the plans in light of the controversy surrounding Cosby.



    • Ps….& yes, I agree….it IS over for Mr. Cosby. But I reeeeeally feel?, for all his former co-stars/Cosby kids, who were probably living off of those rerun checks! If only he thought of others, as he apparently thinks of….himself. SSMDH!

      • Yes, I heard they took his show (The Cosby Show) off the air. That was excellent programming, and there hasn’t been a show quite like it since. But it didn’t occur to me that royaltee checks stops for the other cast members. Talk about the domino effect. I wish I could get in his head and find out what would ever make him think the house of cards would never come crumbling down.

  1. It was am old mural with several people on it that was about to come down anyway. Stop posting anything to get clicks.

      • (Walkin in the room, waving a white flag/signaling ….”time out”!) Heck hemmmm (clearing my throat!) Now Miss GP?, I thiiiiiiink you may’ve misunderstood who “I said it’s” post was directed at. And judging by your prior posts?, I can already see that you?, are a very intelligent, objective & open minded individual! ( a VERy rare thang around these heeah parts, mam!/SML!) And….I know “I said it”?, is VERy much…the same. (“Bling”!) And so I ask?, that you reconsider your fledging POV of this poster. For I feel that if you check her out a lil longer?, you’ll see she’s “GP too” (Good People/Wink!) & a “friend”, definitively NOT a….foe, eeeeven if you happen to “disagree”?, she’s still…”GP”! And with all these trespassin, agenda having, racist troll agents around heeah?, We need all the “good ppl” we can get! So plz, do a “double take” ‘on “this” poster, ahiiiiight? For she IS…”fam”. Again….juuuuuust thought I’d whisper the right answer in yo ear, as we’z ….”testin folks”. Lmao! (But for real though!) :-)!

        • Thanks for that info and for addressing that. I will look at her/his post from a different perspective — and be at peace.

          • And so….”The family fights no MORah”!!! (Said in the voice of an old British King, with a huge goblet of wine in his hand, lookin down a long & crowded ass table”!) Lmao! Naaaaaw but, thank yoU, for your consideration! “Aaaaaaah” (the choir sings!) Wink!

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