Thursday, September 29, 2022

Sailors Wrongly Blame FLOTUS for Navy Ditching Fried Food

michelle obama
First lady Michelle Obama speaks to guests during a visit to a Walgreens store that sells produce on October 25, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois.

*The Navy has opted to remove all fried foods from its menu – and disgruntled sailors are pointing the finger directly at Michelle Obama.

No more French fries, fried chicken or other fried edibles will be cooked for the sailors after the Navy announced it’s taking the Department of Defense’s Go for Green Nutrition program up a notch and no longer frying the foods it serves the troops.

Twitter and the Navy Times Facebook page filled with angry posts.

“Wow, way to go, Obummer Administration. Sailors angry after Navy bans fried food,” wrote one person.

“Navy fights 4 our freedom but can’t eat french fries?” wrote another.

Soon, rumor-busting website Snopes weighed in with some fact-checking. Turns out that Mrs. Obama’s name was never mentioned in the Navy Times article, nor the Go for Green press release.

The Navy confirmed that FLOTUS had no part in its healthier menu. While the First Lady has been outspoken about creating healthier eating habits and fighting obesity, she’s doesn’t decide on food choices for the nation’s fleets.

When asked if the change was related to Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Initiative, Jan Derk, Naval Supply Systems Command, Director, Office of Corporate Communications, told PEOPLE in an email, “No. All Services have been looking for healthier options in ingredients and meal preparation methods for the past five or more years. The Go for Green program that the Navy currently follows was originally developed by the U.S. Army as part of their Performance Fueling initiative.”

Also, the Navy claims it has not actually banned fried foods.

“The Navy will be using a new type of oven,” wrote Derk, who said “the ‘combi’ oven supports [The Go for Green program] by using steam to cook food whereas fryers use oil.”

Additionally, whole milk will be replaced with skim and soy milk, according to the Navy Times.

The healthier changes are set to go into effect by 2017.



  1. So we shall see if those sailors will apologize. I know they won’t because they probably are some of those right wing conservative haters.

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