Monday, May 23, 2022

Chris Brown’s Aunt Pissed At Wendy Williams Over Mansion Robbery

wendy williams show-chris brown's aunt*Wendy Williams has apparently struck a nerve with Chris Brown’s aunt.

According to, the singer’s aunt, Christine Brown, let Williams have it after she brought her into her commentary of the robbery that occurred at Brown’s Tarzana, CA. mansion last weekend.

Chatting about it on her show, Williams was critical of Christine as she went so far as to show a selfie of the woman.

“How much you want to bet the aunt was probably in the mix like one of them young aunts doing it big in the club,” Williams said as she questioned WHY the aunt would open the door at 3 a.m. after hearing a noise outside the house.

“Who does that?” the former radio personality asked.

Christine mentioned to police that three armed men tied her up and locked her in a closet while they ransacked her nephew’s mansion. Sandra Rose pointed out the thoughts of the authorities, which believe that the robbers were familiar with the layout of Brown’s home as well as where he hides his money.

Taking to Instagram, Christine made it clear how she felt about Williams’ views on her, saying, “Look Miss Wendy, before reporting your stories get your facts straight!!!.”

From there, the aunt wrote that she never heard any noise outside the house on the night in question. She goes on to say that she was asleep when she was assaulted and would never open the door in LA, a place where the surroundings are not familiar to her.

Here’s her full statement:

“Look Miss Wendy, before reporting your stories get your facts straight!!! First of all I’m not young just well kept by myself and I don’t club!!! I never heard anything outside and I’m a country girl and would never open a door in LA where I’m not familiar!!! I was actually asleep when I was assaulted!! So please don’t plaster my photos and make false reports and add insult to my situation that’s already hard enough and I find nothing funny about what happened here.”



  1. Facts?? That boogerwolf doesn’t know the meaning of that word.. That show is nothing else but pointless gossip, that has middle class white women thinking they are hip and in the know..

    • Enter…. Middle aged white woman….. Or fool of fools. Wendy don’t know anything about nothing!!! Trailer trash for THOTS!

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