Monday, March 8, 2021

Future Wants Russell Wilson to Quit Pushing His Son’s Stroller

future*Looks like Ciara is still getting on Future’s nerves.

In an interview with “The Breakfast Club,” the Atlanta rapper-producer made it known that he doesn’t appreciate Ciara’s current beau Russell Wilson pushing his son around in a baby carriage. To hear  Future tell it, Ciara staged pictures that were taken of  his son and Wilson.

With that said, Future expressed his desire for Ciara to keep their son out of their drama. In addition to Ciara and whether the song “Throw Away” off his 2014 mixtape “Monster” was about her, Future opened up about being disappointed about his debut album “Pluto” as well as what he learned from the project.

In addition, Future detailed how he made peace with Drake and OG Maco, why moving to LA was a good and bad thing for him, when his next mixtape “Ape Sh*t” is coming out, growing up with the Dungeon Family, and influencing other artists.

To see Future’s chat with The Breakfast Club, check out the video below:



  1. What an [email protected] Why hate on CiCi…. Russell is not doin anything to that child.. He needs to worry about them six BM and leave Ciara alone.. Damn.. Russ seems to be a good man.. and seems to be doing more with Lil Future than he is.. He’s just jealous.. She dumped his azz and upgraded.. and now hes lookin dumb.. and had to resort to BM #3! Ol punk!!!

  2. Lol! Like, Really? What’s he gonna do next? Shoot up his crib if he keeps pushing his baby’s stroller around? Ciara now has 99 problems within this one man.

  3. Future… Russell is a good role model to have in the baby’s presence.

    Future on the other hand… how many baby mommas do you have??? If you are not pushing their babies strollers… somebody else probably is!

    In fact I thought Ci-Ci was around Future’s kids before she had her baby!

    • Maybe it’s this kind of behavior that drove a wedge in their relationship in the first place. This is also why alot of men don’t wanna get involved with women who have “baby daddies.”


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