Monday, March 8, 2021

Ciara Throws Subliminal Response to Future Via Social Media

ciara_future*Ciara is bringing her issues with Future to social media. reports the singer took the subliminal route in response to comments Future made about her musical direction and their former relationship.

Some Person Is So Dishonest and Ignorant That They Don’t Deserve A Response,” the singer tweeted without naming names while adding her two cents about what the person she’s talking about should really be focused on.

Furthermore, One’s Main Focus Should Be On Being A Good Parent.”

The back and forth with Ciara and Future comes after Future weighed in on what went wrong between him and the “Dance Like We’re Making Love” vocalist.

“When she was pregnant and she started working on [Jackie]… me and Mike WiLL, we finished the album before the album she just dropped– and she ain’t want us to be a part of it. I’m like, damn, we just came off a #1 and you go straight to Dr. Luke? And start working with him and go right back to the pop lane after you get a little steam. You shouldn’t do that you should finish what we started, go back into that “Body Party” lane and give the fans what they wanted, that’s what they want from you. And let it cross over to pop, instead of tryna chase that crowd,” Future said about Ciara’s musical pursuits.

Providing a glimpse into his personal relationship Ciara, Future mentioned that she was trying to rush into their wedding in an effort to make it a big event. For the rapper-producer, that wasn’t something that he was comfortable with.

As for Ciara’s response to what he put out, HotNewHipHop speculates that Future may have fired back with a subliminal of his own, as he posted the following on Instagram: “wish you didn’t care.”

To see Ciara’s tweets, scroll below:



  1. 2 grown ass people arguing with each other on social media that is real stupid do it in Private I think people have gone crazy arguing on social media.


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