Friday, October 7, 2022

Brittney Griner: Glory Johnson Not Entitled to $20K Spousal Support


*WNBA star Glory Johnson is seeking temporary spousal support and attorney fees from Brittney Griner, who petitioned to annul their marriage in June.

ESPN reports that court documents filed last month in Maricopa County, Arizona, detail Johnson’s request that Griner pay $20,000 per month in spousal support, plus  $10,000 toward attorney fees. Johnson’s motion also requests that Griner continue car payments on the Mercedes that she purchased for her.

A hearing set for Aug. 17 will review evidence related to Griner’s petition and Johnson’s counter-petition. Johnson’s legal counsel wrote that Griner has “far superior control over the family’s financial resources” and that Johnson is “without the necessary financial means to pay for legal representation in this matter,” in the filing.

The two athletes married May 8, just weeks after being involved in a domestic violence dispute at their home. Johnson announced June 4 that she would miss the WNBA’s upcoming season because she is pregnant. The next day, Griner filed papers requesting the marriage be annulled. She said she was “pressured into marriage under duress by Johnson’s threatening statements.”

In the petition, Griner also said she was unaware when the in vitro fertilization resulting in Johnson’s pregnancy had taken place. The Phoenix Mercury center said the marriage was “based on fraud.”

According to Griner’s petition, neither party is in need of nor entitled to spousal support and both should be responsible for their own legal fees. However, Brittney also requested that she be awarded reasonable attorney fees if she has to defend herself against Glory’s “unreasonable” claims.

In the June 29 filing, Johnson said she cannot seek employment while on leave from the WNBA because she has a “high-risk multiple pregnancy.” She plans to return to the Tulsa Shock at some point after her pregnancy. In the meantime, she’s requesting that her soon-to-be-ex wife help pay “household assistance, personal trainers, and medical care not covered by her current insurance.”

Ny MaGee
Ny MaGee is an entertainment reporter with over 15 years of experience working in the film industry in areas including production and post-production, marketing, distribution, and acquisitions. She has worked for legendary film producer Roger Corman, Quentin Tarantino's production team at Miramax, the late Larry Flynt, MTV/ VH1, Hallmark Channel, Paramount, Jim Henson Co., Parade Magazine, and various LA-based companies representing above-the-line talent.



  1. Now yall KNOW!!!!, had the husband been a “man”?, it wudda “rained Benjamins” like “Magic City”!!! Such BLATANT hypocrisy & gender bias BS! # “The Pussification of America”. SSMFH!

  2. Sounds like to me Glory was pimping & trapping Brittney from the get go. She knew Brittney’s talent & name would demand major cash flow, especially overseas where she rakes her million dollar contract, & Glory plotted to get in on this cash cow.

  3. Umm man or woman – when you annul a marriage neither party gets anything! An annulment means you were never married. So both of you take your funds or what funds you have & move on!!

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