Friday, November 26, 2021

Jidenna: Singer Targeted in Nigeria for Being Light Skinned

jidenna*It’s one thing to be targeted for having a lot of money, but according to Janelle Monae’s discovery  Jidenna that mind state has spilled over into his skin tone.

In a recent interview with Vlad TV, the singer opened up about how being light-skinned is cause for him and his family being on guard in their homeland of Nigeria.

“When you’re light-skinned you’re a heavier target for being kidnapped,” Jidenna shared. “Because you’re seen as more valuable. You’re seen as white. You have more money. We were robbed. Our family has been assaulted. It’s different. For us, we’ve always been a target. When you come to America, it’s different.”

The light-skinned issue in Nigeria was hard to avoid as Jidenna’s family found themselves bringing weapons and military-style protection as they attended the funeral of the entertainer’s father in an Igbo village.

“The fact that you have African blood in you is gonna make it hard. When you’re light-skinned, you’re a heavier target for being kidnapped because you’re seen as more valuable,” said the Janelle Monae protégé. “We were robbed – our family’s been assaulted. We’ve had a lot of issues.”

While his views carry a personal connection, noted the backlash Jidenna received on social from those who labeled his comments as “ignorant” for shining a negative light on Nigerian people:

“The one time they ask Jidenna about Nigeria he gives it a negative light… Odiegwu,” wrote one person.

To see Jidenna’s VLAD TV interview, check out the video below:

Check out Jidenna’s smash hit, “Classic Man”:



  1. That’s really strange but I never heard that people in Nigeria kidnap light skinned people because they are seen as having more ‘value’. I have read about Nigerian celebrities and upper class people being kidnapped but an average man? That’s interesting.

  2. His mother is White,so it’s possible they would target his family because they believe a White American may have money.

  3. No truth whatsoever to his claim. Nigeria is full of light skinned people, mixed race offsprings, expatriates, naturalised caucasians who are married to Nigerians, Arabs, Fulanis, Lebanese, Indians, etc. I live in Nigeria and my wife is German. The struggling singer is just seeking cheap publicity.

  4. I guess no one really paid any attention to what he actually said. Everyone is quick to jump the gun! Jidenna states that “where he is from” not all of Nigeria may be like that! “He said he speaks for himself what he has experince!” READ BETWEEN THE LINES! This is how our society is they see a successful person coming up in the industry and try to bring them down and make them look bad. Keep doing what your doing Jidenna all this negativity towards you is just simply jealousy! That’s America’s problem they can’t just be happy for one another.

  5. Where he is from both dark and light skinned people are targets for Kidnappings. It has noThing to do with his skin but the perception that he has money since he is based outside the country and would have foreign currency. There are light skinned people living in his part of the country who have never and will never be kidnapped cos they have no money.

  6. There is much validity to his claims. We all know there was a time when kidnappings in the east were off the charts. It’s not for reason he states. It’s perception of wealth, not skin color.
    Also, are there no Igbo yellow people in his village? No albino? lol


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