Friday, October 7, 2022

John Legend’s Bare Ass Instagrammed by Chrissy Teigen (Photo)


*Chrissy Teigen took it upon herself to snap a photo of her husband’s bucket naked backside and throw it on the ‘Gram for the world to see.

The pic was taken during the couple’s trip to Florence, Italy, as the singer was walking around naked in their hotel room. Chrissy was careful to cover a substantial percentage of his butt crack with her knee – so as not to draw the ire of Instagram’s nudity police.

On June 30, Instagram removed a topless photo of the model from W magazine, resulting in Teigen sharing it again each time it was deleted. “The nipple has been temporarily silenced but she will be back, oh yes, she will be back,” she teased via Twitter.

Legend’s bare behind follows a nude pic of Justin Bieber’s ass, which he shared on Instagram earlier this week from his vacation in Bora Bora.


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  1. I don’t understand these married couples who wish to put their sex lives on display, e.g. Jay-Z & Beyonce/Kanye & Kim. You’re married so I hope you get it now and then. It’s almost as these guys were the losers in high school who have to prove themselves and show they can actually get the hot girl to have sex with them.

    • Dizzy and weird. She and John were on this show called Hollywood Game Night and she acted a total fool. I guess it is true when they say opposites attract.

  2. I’m sure the sexual predators appreciate all that they and others are giving, for public consumption. John doesn’t look like he could hold his own with midget and Chrissy STILL looks like the thirsty chicks that hang outside the military base. . .cheap and sweaty. What kind of model is she, I mean, I’ve never seen her in anything but the “Enquirer” or “ET”.

    • LOL @ nightshift. I don’t see what’s so appealing about his or his wife. Really nothing to look at. It’s like they are both thirsty for attention.

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