Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Dallas Cowboys’ Orlando Scandrick Ends Engagement to Draya Michele

orlando-scandrick-draya-michele*Less than a month after proposing to “Basketball Wives LA” star Draya Michele, Orlando Scandrick is calling the engagement off.

Chatting with TMZ Sports, the Dallas Cowboys cornerback not only revealed the nixed engagement, but he also confessed that he is completely cutting ties with Michele.

“I have made the decision to call off the engagement and permanently end the relationship I had with Draya,” Scandrick said.

“In hindsight, it was a poor decision to propose. I am anxious to move on with my life both personally and professionally.”

Scandrick’s revelation comes after he went all out to propose to Michele in June with a huge diamond ring one month after they broke up. The couple was seriously dating for two years before parting ways.

TMZ Sports noted how excited Michele was about the wedding just a few days ago as she dished to the site about plans to invite Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to the nuptials.

To see Michele’s TMZ Sports interview, check out the video below:



    • Hey recognize!!…she’s BEEN crazy as cat shyt, for yeeeears AND a jump off queen! She was merely lookin for a “sponsor” & a storyline! And so….”HE” didn’t do SHYT! He just…”got off that “ride”. And at the end of the day?, ALL “amusement parks”…close. Chuuuuuch!

    • And again!!, it’s just fkn amaaaaaazing how yall weak hypocrite FEmales, avoid ALL accountability, when “two” GD “ADULTS”!!, are involved in some shyt, & one of those consensual adults is ….a….:”FEmale”. Embarrassed her my ass!!, SHE’s the one who raaaaaaaan to Twitter, FB, etc…., posting selfies n shyt, bragging like she just won the fkn lottery. So….chill ‘on the double standards, selective amnesia, gender bashing & last but CERtainly NOT least…..DENIAL!!! SHE did dat shyt, he just “woke up” & snatched his Blackcard “back?, and now?, yall juss maaaaaad. STBS!

    • And plus?, when the TMZ dude asked her how homeboy “popped the question”?, her response was SO disconnected, UNemotional, INsincere &…nonchalant! All the characteristics of a ….”fake ass”?, or a “fake ass…situation”! “BOOM”! And so.. if “she” ain’t “goin through/feeeeeelin some kinda way/hurt/boo hooin all ovva the place?, then…WTH should ANY of yall? Hashtag….open yo 3rd eye/how’s bout a lil objectivity”! SSMGDH!

    • Wow just look at the venom being spit at dude… Had it been the other way around and she was the first to announce it “Publicly” not a word would have been spoken about… Except ” I wonder what he did?” It pretty much the norm now for females to go public with intimate situations… Books, twitter, interviews, etc.. most of all in hopes of boosting ratings or being the launch point for yet another dumbass reality show… So really I’m happy dude did put it out there first.

  1. I agree. Why do this public statement? A breakup is personal and does not need to be publicly addressed like this. Granted, we don’t know *why* he broke things off but, if he loved Draya enough to propose then why, humiliate the woman you said you loved her this way? Ass!

  2. Why do people get on social media telling the world about there private life it is crazy typing shit I really can’t rationalize what’s the point


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