Friday, May 14, 2021

Warren Sapp Might Be Going to Jail for Breaking Plea Deal

Warren Sapp

*Like the headline says, Warren Sapp may be going to jail for breaking a plea deal in his Arizona hooker case by getting charged with domestic violence in Las Vegas, according to TMZ Sports.

Sapp was arrested back in February after being busted with prostitutes in Arizona but he struck a plea deal with authorities that required him to complete various counseling programs and stay out of trouble in exchange that charges be thrown out.

The agreement specifically states that if he gets charged with any other crime while enrolled in the program, the deal is off and Sapp would get 30 days in jail and 24 months probation.

On July 1, Sapp was charged with 3 counts of domestic violence for allegedly beating up his longtime girlfriend stemming from an incident in April.

A Las Vegas police report said Sapp and his girlfriend of five years were arguing when the former football player allegedly threw a margarita in her face at the M Resort’s pool. The police report says security footage at the resort showed Sapp aggressively pull on the woman’s arm or purse inside the resort, causing her to lose her balance.

Sapp’s girlfriend told police that the arguing continued during the drive home to her Las Vegas condo. She said Sapp bit her middle finger, and once inside her home, the violence continued. During the altercation, she ended up on the floor. While she was down, Sapp stepped on her face while wearing white Jordan sandals.

Sapp is facing 3 counts of battery constituting domestic violence —  if convicted on all counts he could face up to 18 months in prison. He’s due in court on July 23rd.

AZ prosecutors have reportedly filed new court documents seeking to hold Sapp responsible for violating their agreement and enforce the terms of his Arizona sentence.

Now it’s up to the judge to sign off on the request, which means Sapp could be headed to jail soon.

Stay tuned …

Ny MaGee
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  1. This confirms that there is Karma in this world. Bad things will eventually come to Bad people. I had the opportunity to play in a charity golf event with Sapp and was never so disappointed in a round of golf. He was disrespectful and a pure A$$hole. He went from one of my Herod to ZERO!!
    I hope he gets what he deserves!!!


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