Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The Socialist’s Journal: Quick Hits Part 2

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*There are plenty of reasons not to like Hillary Clinton as a potential president; plenty of reasons not to vote for her.

You might disagree with any one of her political stances from abortion rights to the importance of labor unions. But how she handles her email should not be on the list. As president there would probably a dozen checks on anything she did so digital security is the least of her issues.

So you think racism is no longer a problem in the United States? My local paper ran a headline with pictures of the alleged perpetrators regarding $250 worth of credit card fraud. Undoubtedly someone was unhappy about having to call their credit card company and dispute charges. Certainly the credit card company was unhappy about paying for something that their client didn’t really buy. But this isn’t the kind of crime that deserves the front page of the newspaper. Nor is it the kind of crime that warrants placing photographs of the alleged (not convicted) criminals on the front page. But the people charged were black so of course their pictures were on the front page.

My brothers and I love each other. But we are distinct people; I cannot claim my opinions reflect their mindset. So to disqualify Jeb for political positions and actions his brother or father took would be silly. Because, again, there is enough information about his own views to either merit your vote or not.

I’m not sure if Rachel Dolezal deserves credit for living as a black person or derision. But I do know if was unnecessary. There are just too many other ways to promote racial equality.

We just had a horse racing triple crown winner and outside of a few hours nobody in the sports world really cared. On the national landscape at large it was a non-story. When horseracing became established as a big deal during the late 19th century when most people owned horses, knew about horses, and it mattered that my horse was bigger, better, and/or faster than your horse. This hasn’t been the case in at least two generations. NASCAR on the other hand has been steadily rising in the sports and national pictures. For the exact same reasoning.

So you think sexism is no longer a problem in the United States? Chloe Cross highlighted the fact that dress codes for high school students frequently prohibits female students more than male students. Because we as a society A. refuse to normalize women’s breasts/bodies and continue to regard them as taboo and B. refuse to acknowledge that men and boys are able to control themselves when confronted with women’s breasts/bodies. Cross’ school made her change her clothes on multiple days because what she was wearing was deemed to be distracting to other students (boys). I like women, women’s bodies, and women’s breasts. But I don’t stop functioning when I see any of those three things. I’m not the exception either. We as men should be held to a higher standard than we currently are.

I won’t pretend to understand all of the computer science and technology behind the case. But a serious precedent was set by the federal government recently when an individual was convicted because of a search that was conducted illegally in another country. The government didn’t argue that they had probable cause or that a crime was imminent. No they simply searched private areas of a server and found evidence. Granted they may have prevented some serious drug trafficking from happening but I’m not sure that as a society we should co-sign what happened to Ross Ulbricht. At some point we have to be able to say private is private. Isn’t that why everyone was so up in arms over the PATRIOT Act?

When teachers at Sulphur Springs Middle School in Carrollton, Texas gave out ghetto awards either they were making light of the situation that the students were/are in or they were saying the students should aspire to being ghetto. Neither of these ideas is okay.

So you still think sexism is no longer a problem in the United States? Why are there so many problems with women breastfeeding in public? Only because we refuse to see women’s bodies in the same light as men’s bodies.

Trevor Brookins is a free lance writer in Rockland County, New York. He is currently working on a book about American culture during the Cold War.  His writing has appeared in The Journal News. You can reach him at trevormbrookins@yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter @historictrev.




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