Saturday, October 23, 2021

NeNe’s Real Reason for Leaving ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Revealed

nene leakes

*As you know by now, after 7 seasons, NeNe Leakes is leaving “Real Housewives of Atlanta” for bigger and better things, supposedly.

But according to TMZ, the real reason (surprise, surprise) is that she wanted MORE money and Andy Cohen and Bravo said nope. But now they’re worried she might take the fans with her.

Apparently NeNe’s playing hardball because of the negotiations that didn’t go her way and decided to walk away

Everyone part of the show is at a loss for words over NeNe’s sudden departure since the show was just about to start filming its new season in the next couple of weeks.

Cast members have been dropping like flies recently but now producers are scrambling because they just lost their queen bee … and we’re told they’re worried they’ll take a huge hit in the ratings over it.

The show already found a replacement — actress, model and singer Kim Fields — but no one can really replace NeNe who was arguably the network’s biggest star.

NeNe is going to be focusing on new projects outside the biz … one of which is her own clothing store that we reported on before.

Well Andy and Bravo might not be happy about NeNe’s departure, but we’re sure Kenya Moore is somewhere sippin’ on some tea with a big ol’ grin on her face. But the bottom line is that as cray cray as she is, she’s no NeNe.

Bravo and Andy may have to get the checkbook out.



  1. Put the checkbook away. Cancel this B. I’m pretty sure you can find another blonde wearing black woman who is willing to make an ass out of herself on national television.

  2. Most blacks on the outside don’t have a clue about the biz. Empty headed and envious of others in the biz. Livi their dull hum drum lives. If it were as easy as greasing your scalp Bravo wouldn’t be worried. Proud of another sister staying on top for so long. And sticking to her guns. Black women can be vicious little —ts over the darnedest things….. No support because of low self esteem…..

    • What you hear is not envy. It’s embarrassment and revulsion. To make assumptions about people you know nothing about is never a good idea. Hum drum life? If only you knew.

      • Ah…. Excuse me hon!! YOU don’t know Boo Boo!! I’m talking to the peanut gallery. Where your front seat is reserved. #listenup

  3. Wow other like minded woman. Thank you! Yes so tired of being portrayed as a buffoon all over national television. Goodbye and good riddance !!

  4. Ne Ne is using her blackness to get ahead. At the end of the day no one cares about that 70% of our children are in jail. No one cares that the prison industry is slaving our young people. But people get upset that a sister is making money.


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